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Koachitu Poorathu

Koachitu Poorathu

Koachitu Poorathu is one of the interesting and funny traditional game played by bride and groom in marriages. This game is played in traditional marriages just to have fun and to get an understanding between the Bride and Groom.

How to Play:

This game is played only after the marriage that is after tying the Knot. The Groom with his friends and cousins has go to a room or a place in the marriage hall and should sleep on his friend’s Lap and cover himself with his Angavastaram (A long towel which we use to wear on the shoulders) pretending that he is angry with the Bride. The friends for their part will get the grooms chain, ring, watch, and other belongings and distribute among them selves.

The bride with her friends and relatives come to the groom where he is sleeping with Juice, Comb, mirror, tooth brush (a stick which villagers used to brush their teeth), etc to calm down the Groom and take him back to home.

The Bride will try to convenience the groom, while the friends and relative criticise the actions the bride and groom do. Finally once the groom is convenienced the Bride will wake the Groom give tooth brush (Stick), then water any comb his hair by holding the mirror in front of the groom, do him other make up with the things she brought  and finally give the juice to calm him down. Then she gets the grooms belongings from his friends and put it on the groom and takes the grooms angavastaram and tie it to her saree and take him home.

Usually this game is played in order to show Groom’s friends and cousins to the Bride.