Kokku para para, How To Play Kokku Para Para? 90’s Children Game, Rules & Facts

Kokku para para (கொக்கு பற பற) – Kids between the ages of 5 and 10 still play the well-known game of kokku para para in villages and schools. The game teaches a lot about flying and non-flying objects, among other things. The game teaches kids to be careful and pay close attention. The game makes the kids better at observing.

Kokku para para

Kids between the ages of 5 and 10 still enjoy playing the well-known game Kokku para para in their communities and schools. The game imparts a wealth of knowledge regarding both flying and non-flying objects, etc. The game teaches the children to exercise caution and to pay close attention. The game helps kids become better observers.

Kokku para para (கொக்கு பற பற

Kokku para para (கொக்கு பற பற) Overviews

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  • More number of players for more fun.
  • It can be played anywhere depending upon the size of the group.

How to play Kokku para para?

  • All the players need to sit in a circle with their hands touching the ground.
  • One player in the group will be the commander and the other players should do actions according to the commands given by the commander.
  • The commander should name an item along with the “para para” (Fly Fly), for Example if the commander says “Koku Para Para (Crane Fly Fly)” The kids should repeat “Koku Para Para” and shake their hands as crane will fly, and if he  says “Plate Para Para” No actions will be made by the players as Plate will not Fly.
  • The Players need to hear carefully what the commander says and should judge whether the commander is saying a flying object or a non-flying object and should act accordingly.
  • If any of the players from the group makes any action for object that was called by the commander that does not fly, then that player will be out for rest of the game.
  • The commander will command slowly at the beginning and will increase the speed in order to eliminate the players from the game. The last single player in the game is the winner of the game.
  • Then they start the game from the beginning for the second round.

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