Free Fire Max Holi Event 2024, Win Free Prizes and Rewards, Tips and Tricks, How to get Legendary Gun skins free in Garena Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max Holi Event:- Currently, Free Fire MAX is running a Holi daily login event that offers players legendary and themed gun skin rewards. Additionally, a festive event calendar has been added to the game, which includes various activities to keep players engaged for several days.

Free Fire Max Holi Event

Free Fire Max Holi Event is a special in-game event in Garena Free Fire that is themed around the Indian festival of colors, Holi. The event features various activities and rewards for players, including daily login rewards, legendary and themed gun skin rewards, and an event calendar with multiple events and challenges.

During the event, players can participate in various activities, such as Holi Festival, where they can earn rewards by playing matches and completing specific objectives. There is also a Holi Cup event, where players can participate in a tournament and earn rewards based on their performance.

Free fire max holi event

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Free Fire Max Holi Event Overview

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What is Free Fire Max Holi Event?

The Free Fire Holi event is a limited-time event in the popular battle royale game, Garena Free Fire, that celebrates the Indian festival of Holi. During this event, players can participate in various in-game activities, challenges, and events to win exclusive rewards, such as skins, costumes, and more. The event typically takes place around the time of the Holi festival and lasts for a few days.

The schedule for the Free Fire Holi event may vary depending on the region and server. However, typically the event runs for a limited time around the Holi festival, which usually falls in late February or early March. Players can check the in-game event calendar or the official Free Fire social media pages for more information on the schedule of the Holi event in their region.

How to get Legendary rewards in Free Fire Max Holi Event

To get Legendary rewards in the Free Fire Max Holi Event, players need to participate in the daily login event and collect Holi Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for various rewards, including Legendary gun skins. Players can also participate in other Holi events and complete challenges to earn additional Holi Tokens and increase their chances of getting Legendary rewards. It’s important to note that the Holi Event has a limited time duration, so players should make sure to participate and collect as many tokens as possible before the event ends.

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire Max and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Go to the event section, and select the “Happy Holi 2024” event.
  • Step 3: Select the “Daily Login 1” tab in the event section.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Claim” button next to the legendary gun skins to receive them.
  • Step 5: Repeat this process every day for the duration of the event to collect all the available rewards, including legendary and themed gun skins.

Rewards given from Holi Event in Garena Free Fire Max

  • In the Free Fire Max Holi event, gamers can receive various items by signing in for a given number of days. If a player logs in for one day, they will receive the M79 – Demolitionist (7d) and AN94 – Spikey Spine (7d) for free.
  • Logging in for two days will reward them with the MP5 – Demolitionist (7d) and M79 – Hipster Bunny (7d).
  • If they login for three days, they can receive the M1014 – Demolitionist (7d) and AWM – Duke Swallowtail (7d).
  • For four days of login, they can get the AUG – Party Animal (7d) and P90 – Rebel Academy (7d).
  • Finally, by logging in for five days, they can get the Woodpecker – Party Animal (7d) and SCAR – Mystic SCAR (7d) for free.


The Free Fire Max Holi event is an exciting and rewarding celebration for players to participate in. By logging in for a certain number of days, gamers can receive legendary and themed gun skin rewards, adding to their overall gaming experience. The event also features a calendar with various activities and events, keeping players engaged for an extended period. This Holi event is a great opportunity for players to enhance their Free Fire Max gameplay and enjoy the festivities in-game.


What is the Free Fire Holi event?

The Free Fire Holi event is an annual event celebrated in the game to mark the festival of colors, Holi. The event features various activities, rewards, and game modes for players to enjoy.

Are there any new game modes introduced during the Free Fire Holi event?

Yes, Garena Free Fire often introduces new game modes during special events, including the Holi event. Players can check the event section to see if any new modes are available.

How long does the Free Fire Holi event last?

The duration of the Free Fire Holi event may vary each year, but it typically lasts for around one week.

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