Pulli Pulli: Falk Game Of Tamilnadu

Pulli Pulli (புள்ளி புள்ளி):Old Falk Game Of Tamilnadu Dots is a fun game to play in the car (if you’re a passenger), in study hall or on a rainy afternoon. You need nothing more than a playing partner, a sheet of paper and a pen, and you’ll have fun for hours. Things You Requried • … Read more

Golli Gundu-Indian Traditional Game

Golli Gundu (கோலி குண்டு) Golli is one of the most popular traditional Indian games played all over the India, it is also called a kanchey in North India and Marbles in English. This game is considered as one of the street game and is banned by many parents nowadays. This game increases the aiming and … Read more

Mangatha : Card Game Of Karnataka

Mangatha (மங்காத்த):Indian Traditional Game Mangatha is a very simple and popular card game, mainly played by adults by betting money, Kids play by betting tamarind seeds, matchbox labels, cigarette wrappers, bottle crowns, etc.  It’s also known as “Ullae, Veliyae”. The game begins with a player throwing all seven stones onto the ground. The stones are … Read more

Jallikattu-,South Indian Game,History Of Jallikattu,Rules Of Jallikattu

Jallikattu’ (ஜல்லிகட்டு ) ”’Jallikattu”’ – ஜல்லிகட்டு  is a cattle/ bulltaming sport played in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebration. This is one of the oldest living ancient sports seen in the modern era. It is held in the villages of Tamil Nadu as a part of the village festival. The festivals are held … Read more

Soodu Kottai: Indian Traditional Game

Soodu Kottai:Traditional Game In olden days kids used to play and have fun with naturally and readily, available things got from trees, plants, etc. There used to play many games, some of the games are listed here One such game known by all and played even today is Soodu Kottai, It is got from the … Read more

Mudhugu Puncture,Old Indian Game

Mudhugu Puncture (முதுகு பஞ்சர்) Mudhugu puncture is also a traditional game similar to Seven Stones but the only difference is this game is play without the stones. This game is more aggressive than seven stones as there is no time to hit the stone and other stuff. The Players playing this games needs to be … Read more

Seetu,Old Indian Game

Seetu (சீட்டு) Seetu is a colloquial word for cards. This game will improve children’s concentration and aiming skill as they try to hit the cards by a stone to get them out of the circle. Since it is played using cards in villages the game is named after it. This is also played using hardened … Read more

Nongu Vandi: Indian Old Game

Nongu Vandi (நுங்கு வண்டி) Nongu Vandi is a very tactile game that helps children improve their sense of touch. Most children like the feel of sand slip through their fingers Nongu (Palm Fruit) is a famous tropical fruit available in villages of Tamil Nadu in summer season. Summer season is the season of holidays for … Read more