Aakku paakku vethala paakku ,How To Play Aakku Pakku Vethala Paakku Game? Rule &Facts

Aakku paakku vethala paakku – The traditional rural game known as aakku paaku vethala paaku is played by children aged 3 to 5 years old. Kids learn counting and pointing skills as well as patience through this game.

Aakku paakku vethala paakku

The age-appropriate game played by children in rural areas is called Aakku paaku vethala paaku. The children learn to count and point while playing this game, which also helps them develop their patience.

Aakku paakku vethala paakku

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How To Play Aakku paakku vethala paakku?

  • All the kids sit in a circle, keep their hands on the ground (palm facing the ground), and stretch their fingers.A kid from the group starts the game by singing
  • aakku paaku vethala paakku
    thaam thoom koyya
    asaka lakadi buska lakadi
    balasundaram enperu koya
  • While singing one of his hand will be in the ground and the other hand will be used to point and count the hands of other players. For each word in the song one hand is counted for example while saying aakku one hand is counted. The count will go in clockwise direction.The player has to close his finger if the song ends in his hand. Then the player again starts singing and countingIf the hand with closed finger is pointed for the second time then that kid’s hand should not be counted again (i.e. that hand should be taken out from the circle). 
  • The game is continued until the number of hands is reduced to single.
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