Nondi (நொண்டி) [Pandi (பாண்டி)], How to Play Nondi Pandi? Rules, Facts

Nondi (நொண்டி) [Pandi (பாண்டி)] – In many of the rural villages of Tamil Nadu, girls play a very funny game of hopping called Nondi. It is still played by girls in many villages, and it is known as Tokkudu Billa or Tangidi Billa in Andrapradesh and Kunte Bille in Karnataka. Today’s educated girls and tomboys … Read more

Raja Rani (ராஜா ராணி)

Raja Rani – In other South Indian states, Ramudu-Seetha is equivalent to Raja-Rani in Tamil Nadu. It’s a wonderful old game that kids in the country play. Children’s ability to guess, their ability to read faces, and their sense of unity among the other players are all improved as a result of playing this game. … Read more

Thirudan police (திருடன் போலீஸ்),How To Play Thirudan Police Games?Rules&Facts

Thirudan police – Thirudan Police is also known as kallan Police in many villages and cities of Tamil Nadu. There are two forms of Thirudan Police one played indoor and other outdoor. It is a wonderful game played by rural children. By playing this game children’s guessing power, face reading skill gets enhanced and they … Read more

Pappu kanji (பப்பு கஞ்சி) How To Play Pappu Kanji Game? Traditional Indoor Games Of India , Rules

Pappu kanji (பப்பு கஞ்சி) – A well-known family tradition is playing pappu kanji with children under the age of three. By playing this game, the kids learn how important it is to share, can identify various home-cooked meals, and gain patience and insight into their family relationships. Pappu kanji  A well-known traditional game called “pappu … Read more

Poo Parikka Varugirom, 90’s Childrens Indoor Game South India,How To Play Pooparikka Varugirom Game? Rules&Facts

Poo Parikka Varugirom – Poo parikka varugirom is a fascinating village tradition that involves singing a song with questions and answers. Singing, flower knowledge, counting, and ability to ask and answer questions are all improved in this game. Poo Parikka Varugirom Poo parikka varugirom is a fascinating village tradition that involves singing a song with … Read more

Aakku paakku vethala paakku (ஆக்கு பாக்கு வெத்தல பாக்கு),How To Play Aakku Pakku Vethala Paakku Game?Traditionlgames of india,Rule &Facts

Aakku paakku vethala paakku – The traditional rural game known as aakku paaku vethala paaku is played by children aged 3 to 5 years old. Kids learn counting and pointing skills as well as patience through this game. Aakku paakku vethala paakku The age-appropriate game played by children in rural areas is called Aakku paaku … Read more