Cycle Tyre,Famous Children Old Game

Cycle Tyre (சைக்கிள் டயர்)

Most of the children in villages have their own vehicle. Yes! They have their own vehicle. All the vehicles run by children in villages have only one tyre.

Cycle Tyre is an old Indian game that has been play by generations of children across the country. It is a simple and enjoyable game that requires only a few basic materials and can be played by children of all ages.To play Cycle Tyre, you will need a bicycle tyre, a stick, and a flat surface to play on. The objective of the game is to roll the tyre along the ground using the stick, and to see how far you can get it to go without it falling over or leaving the playing area.

How To Play?

Children goto cycle repair shops and get worn out tyres and use a stick to rotate the tyre in the road and that the vehicle. Wherever they go they will rotate their tyre with them. This vehicle does not pollute and does not require fuel. When they go to nearby shop they rotate the tyre and park it in front of Annaachi shop, buy stuff and come back home and park it in front of thier house. It is one of the integral parts of their system.

Other way of play with cycle tyre is kids break small branches with leaves from the trees and tie it with the cycle tyre in such a way that cycle tyre will be like a handle and one person will sit on the branch and the other will pull the branch, it’ll be something like a cart pullby kids. Kids will have fun pulling the branch in waters and in mud and in dirt.

Cycle Tyre-Famous Children Old Game

About Cycle Tyre Game

The game begins with one player rolling the tyre along the ground using the stick, while the other players stand at a distance and watch. Once the tyre has been roll, the other players take turns trying to beat the previous player’s distance by rolling the tyre further. If a player succeeds in rolling the tyre further than the previous player, they become the new leader, and the game continues until all players have had a turn.

Cycle Tyre is not only a fun game, but it also helps to develop a child’s hand-eye coordination, balance, and physical fitness. It is also a great way to encourage children to spend time outdoors, away from screens and electronic devices.


Cycle Tyre is a simple yet enjoyable game that has been a part of Indian childhoods for generations. It is a great way to encourage children to spend time outdoors and to develop their physical abilities. So why not gather some friends and family, and give this classic Indian game a try.

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