Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai, How To Play Kulai Kulaiyaai Mumdrikkai Game ?Rule & Facts

Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai – The well-known game of kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai is still play in villages and schools. This game teache children how to avoid cheater and perform tasks without being notice by others. Player in this game need to be careful and know how to cheat others without being caught.

Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai

In communities and schools, the well-known game kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai is still played. Children learn how to avoid cheaters and complete things covertly by playing this game. In order to scam others in this game without being discovered, players must exercise caution.

Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkaii

Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai Overviews

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More Number of Players more the fun

Play area mainly depends upon the number of Players

A towel strongly rolled like a rope

How to Play Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai?

All the players need to sit in a circle inwards seeing each other.

One player is  chosen to be the ‘out’ person. ‘out’ person is select by any choosy method.

The ‘out’ person should take the rolled towel and run around the circle formed by the players.

The ‘out’ person while running should put the towel at the back of anyone player sitting in the circle in such a way that the players sitting in the circle does not notice it and continue running. If the player sitting notices the towel is behind him he can take it and should chase the ‘out’ person and try to touch the ‘out’ person before he sits in the empty place of the player who is chasing. he touches the ‘out’ person then he will be the ‘out’ person for the second round, if in case he sits then the player who is chasing with the towel will be the ‘out’ person and he should continue playing as in the first round.

If the player sitting in the circle doesn’t know that the towel is behind him the ‘out’ player running should come and pick the towel and hit the player in his back and give the towel to him and ask him to run, and he sits in that place.

Players sitting in the circle who noticed the towel is dropp behind a player should not say it to the concern player.

The player who is running with the towel will sing ‘Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai’ as a question and the players sitting in the circle will sing ‘Nariya Nariya suthi vaa’ as an answer to the question. All the players have to sing at the time they run.

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