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CPL 2023 Points Table- The Caribbean Premier League 2023, also known as CPL T20 2023, marks the 11th edition of this exciting Twenty20 franchise league organized by CPL Limited. The tournament kicked off on August 16, 2023, and will continue thrilling fans until September 25, 2023. The CPL 2023 Points Table is a dynamic ranking system that reflects the performance of each team in the tournament. Teams earn points for their performance in matches, with 2 points awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for a loss. In cases where a match ends without a result, both teams receive 1 point each.

CPL 2023 Points Table

The CPL 2023 Points Table is a dynamic ranking system that tracks the performance of each team throughout the tournament. Teams earn points based on their match results: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. If a match ends without a result due to factors like rain, both teams receive 1 point.

Net Run Rate (NRR) also plays a crucial role in ranking teams with the same points. A positive NRR indicates a team scored more runs than they conceded, while a negative NRR means the opposite. The team with the highest points and a favorable NRR leads the standings. This points system adds excitement and competitiveness to CPL 2023, making every match crucial in the quest for the championship.

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Caribbean Premier League Points Table Overview

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Updated News For CPL 2023

West Indies and Barbados Royals all-rounder Rahkeem Cornwall showcased his immense power by smashing a jaw-dropping 101-meter six during a CPL 2023 match against the St Lucia Kings. Cornwall, who opened the batting with the explosive Kyle Mayers, delivered this colossal hit in the third over of the innings. Facing a delivery from Matthew Forde, Cornwall effortlessly dispatched the ball over backward square, sending it soaring onto the stadium’s roof. This remarkable shot was just one of Cornwall’s explosive moments during the match.

In the same match, the St Lucia Kings posted a formidable total of 195 runs in their allotted 20 overs, primarily driven by keeper-batsman Johnson Charles, who played a scintillating knock of 78 off 52 balls, featuring five sixes and six fours. The Barbados Royals struggled to chase down this target and were bowled out for a mere 105 runs in 17.3 overs. Alzarri Joseph was the pick of the bowlers, taking three crucial wickets, while Peter Hatzoglou and Roshon Primus claimed two each.

Caribbean Premier League Points Table

This table provides the current standings of the teams in CPL 2023:

Positions Team Matches W L NR Pts NRR
1 Saint Lucia Kings 6 3 1 2 8 2.338
2 Guyana Amazon Warriors 4 3 0 1 7 3.283
3 Trinbago Knight Riders 5 3 1 1 7 1.326
4 Barbados Royals 7 3 3 1 7 -1.970
5 Jamaica Tallawahs 6 2 3 1 5 -0.038
6 St Kitts & Nevis Patriots 8 0 6 2 2 -2.268


Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Team Standings(Ranks)

In CPL 2023, teams are ranked based on their match results, wins, losses, and net run rate (NRR). The standings are a crucial aspect of the tournament, reflecting which teams are leading the charge and inching closer to the coveted CPL championship:

  1. Saint Lucia Kings: At the top of the CPL 2023 standings, we have the Saint Lucia Kings. They’ve played a total of 6 matches, securing 3 wins, experiencing 1 loss, and facing 2 matches with no results. Their performance has garnered them 8 points. With a remarkable Net Run Rate (NRR) of 2.338, they’ve set a strong pace in the tournament.
  2. Guyana Amazon Warriors: Following closely in second place are the Guyana Amazon Warriors. They’ve played 4 matches, winning 3 and having 1 no-result game, accumulating 7 points. Their NRR is an impressive 3.283, indicating their dominance in the matches they’ve participated in.
  3. Trinbago Knight Riders: Sharing the second spot with the Guyana Amazon Warriors is the Trinbago Knight Riders. They’ve played 5 matches, securing 3 wins and suffering 1 loss, accumulating 7 points. Their NRR stands at 1.326, showcasing their competitive edge.
  4. Barbados Royals: In fourth place, we have the Barbados Royals, who have played the most matches in the tournament, with 7 under their belt. They’ve won 3, lost 3, and had 1 no-result game, earning them 7 points. Their NRR, however, is at -1.970, highlighting the need for improvement.
  5. Jamaica Tallawahs: The Jamaica Tallawahs occupy the fifth position. They’ve played 6 matches, winning 2, losing 3, and encountering 1 no-result match, amassing 5 points. Their NRR is close to neutral at -0.038, indicating a balanced performance.
  6. St Kitts & Nevis Patriots: Unfortunately, at the bottom of the rankings, we find the St Kitts & Nevis Patriots. They’ve played 8 matches, but have struggled, losing all 6 matches and having 2 no-result games. They’ve gathered 2 points, with an NRR of -2.268.

CPL 2023 Points Calculation

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) 2023 employs a straightforward points system to determine the standings of teams throughout the tournament. Points are awarded based on the results of each match. Here’s a breakdown of the CPL 2023 points calculation:

  1. Win: A team earns 2 points for a victory. Winning matches is pivotal for teams to climb up the standings.
  2. Tie: In the event of a tied match, where both teams finish with the same score, each team is awarded 1 point. This rule ensures fairness and adds an element of suspense to the points table.
  3. Loss: If a team loses a match, they don’t receive any points. This emphasizes the significance of winning matches to secure a good position.
  4. No Result: In cases where matches are affected by factors like rain or external interruptions, resulting in no clear result, each team is granted 1 point. This rule aims to account for situations beyond the teams’ control.

Net Run Rate (NRR) Calculation

In the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) 2023, the Net Run Rate (NRR) serves as a significant tiebreaker and additional metric to assess a team’s performance. NRR is a numerical value that provides insights into how effectively a team has performed in terms of scoring runs and containing the opposition’s scoring.

NRR is computed by finding the difference between the total runs a team scores and the total runs they concede, divided by the total overs faced and bowled. The formula for NRR is:


Importance of NRR:

  1. Tiebreaker: NRR is crucial in situations where two or more teams have the same number of points. The team with a superior NRR typically takes precedence in the standings.
  2. Performance Indicator: NRR reflects a team’s overall performance in terms of run-scoring and bowling. A positive NRR implies that, on average, the team scored more runs than they conceded in a match, showcasing their dominance.
  3. Strategy: Teams not only aim to win matches but also focus on maintaining a healthy NRR. This encourages competitive play and strategic decisions during matches, such as aggressive batting to boost NRR.
  4. Championship Quest: A strong NRR can be a valuable asset in securing a playoff spot and ultimately competing for the CPL championship.

CPL 2023 Teams and Captains

  1. Guyana Amazon Warriors – Captain: Shimron Hetmyer
  2. Trinbago Knight Riders – Captain: Kieron Pollard
  3. Jamaica Tallawahs – Captain: Brandon King
  4. Barbados Royals – Captain: Rovman Powell
  5. St Kitts and Nevis Patriots – Captain: Evin Lewis
  6. Saint Lucia Kings – Captain: Faf du Plessis

These captains are leading their teams in the Caribbean Premier League 2023, adding their leadership and cricketing skills to make the tournament even more exciting.

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The CPL 2023 Points Table has been a real-time scoreboard of this season’s Caribbean Premier League action. Teams like Saint Lucia Kings, Guyana Amazon Warriors, and Trinbago Knight Riders have put on thrilling performances, making the race to the top spot exhilarating. The Points Table, with its detailed stats and NRR, has been a crucial guide in this high-stakes cricket journey. It’s not just about wins and losses; every boundary and wicket count. As the tournament unfolds, the Points Table will continue to keep fans on their toes, ensuring an exciting battle for the CPL 2023 championship.


What happens if two or more teams have the same points and NRR?

In such cases, other factors like head-to-head records, super overs, and boundary counts may be considered to determine the standings.

Can a team with a lower NRR still qualify for the playoffs?

Yes, if two or more teams have the same points, NRR, and other tiebreakers, the team with better overall performance may advance.

When and where can I check the CPL 2023 Points Table?

You can find the CPL 2023 Points Table on official CPL websites, sports news platforms, and even on CPL's official app. It's regularly updated throughout the tournament.

How is the Net Run Rate (NRR) calculated in CPL 2023?

NRR in CPL 2023 is calculated as the difference between total runs scored and total runs conceded, divided by the total number of overs faced and bowled. It's a vital tiebreaker when teams have the same points.

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