How To Recover Hacked BGMI Account In 2024? With New Updates, Account Security In BGMI

How To Recover Hacked BGMI Account In 2024?- Recovering a hacked BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) account in 2024 can be a stressful experience, but it’s essential to act quickly to regain control and secure your valuable in-game assets. Whether your account was compromised due to a phishing attempt, a weak password, or other means, there are steps you can take to recover it. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of reclaiming your BGMI account, ensuring you can get back to enjoying the game with peace of mind.

How To Recover Hacked BGMI Account In 2024?

Battle royale player, Has your Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) account fallen victim to hacking? If so, there’s no need to panic. In this post, we’re here to guide you through the steps to easily recover your hacked BGMI account in 2024. So, let’s dive right in.

The popular mobile battle royale title BGMI allows users to link their accounts with their social media profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, this convenience can be a double-edged sword, as it provides hackers with an opportunity to compromise your account. They can gain access to your social media credentials, unlink your Facebook or Twitter ID from BGMI, and even link their own social media accounts to your BGMI profile.

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Recover Hacked BGMI Account In 2024 Overview

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Recover Hacked BGMI Account with New Updates

Step 1: Open the BGMI game and go to the login page. From there, visit the Help Center.

Step 2:  the Help Center, navigate to the Mobile Login Issue section.

Step 3: Then, Scroll down on the next screen and select Account Recovery by clicking on the arrow and a Hacked Account Claims page will appear. Tick the box that says, I have read and agree to the terms and conditions, and proceed.

Step 4: Enter the BGMI UID (User ID) of the hacked account you want to file a claim for, and then click Next.

When filling out the recovery form, it’s crucial to provide accurate information to ensure a successful account recovery. Here are the details you’ll need to provide:

More Info-

  1. Explain how you lost your account.
  2. Specify the region you most frequently played in during the last six months.
  3. Mention the brand and model of the device you used the most in the last six months.
  4. Identify the social media accounts linked to your BGMI account.
  5. List the mobile numbers linked to your account.
  6. Share any previous character nicknames you’ve used.
  7. Indicate the highest tier you reached in the past six months.
  8. Mention the classic mode map you played the most.
  9. Share the player nicknames of friends you often teamed up with.
  10. State if you registered for the all-talent championship.
  11. Provide details about any purchase rewards from 30 to 180 days ago.
  12. Specify the email address you want to link with your recovered account.
  13. Include any additional information you believe is relevant.

Step 6: After completing the form, click Submit. If your claim is legitimate and the provided information is sufficient for verification, your BGMI account will be recovered and linked to the email address you provided.

This process is essential for regaining control of your hacked BGMI account while ensuring the security of your gaming profile.

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Account Security In BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the immensely popular battle royale game, has seen its fair share of account hacking incidents. However, the developers have been diligently working to enhance security and provide players with the means to recover their hacked accounts. With new updates and features introduced in 2024, the process of account recovery has become more efficient and secure. A guide on how to recover a hacked BGMI account with these new updates:

Step 1: Change Your Passwords

The first crucial step in regaining control of your BGMI account is to change your passwords immediately. This includes not only your BGMI account password but also the passwords for the associated social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Changing your passwords ensures that the hacker can no longer access your account.

Step 2: Contact BGMI Support

BGMI offers robust customer support to assist players with hacked accounts. Visit the official BGMI website and locate the customer support or help section. From there, you can submit a request for assistance with your hacked account. Provide all the necessary details, including your in-game username, player ID, and any relevant information about the hacking incident.

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Step 3: Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

One of the new security features introduced in 2024 is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Enabling 2FA adds an extra layer of protection to your account. It requires you to verify your identity through a secondary method, such as a one-time code sent to your registered email or mobile number. Activate 2FA for your BGMI account to prevent future unauthorized access.

Step 4: Check for Suspicious Activity

Keep an eye on your account for any suspicious activity. With the new updates, BGMI now provides real-time alerts for unusual login attempts or changes to your account settings. If you receive such notifications, take immediate action to secure your account.

Step 5: Verification Process

BGMI may request additional verification to confirm your identity during the account recovery process. This could involve providing proof of ownership or answering security questions. Cooperate with their requests promptly to expedite the recovery.

Step 6: Stay Informed

Stay informed about BGMI’s latest security updates and announcements. Following their official social media channels or visiting their website can help you understand the evolving security measures and how to keep your account safe.

Step 7: Be Patient

Recovering a hacked account can take time, but with the new updates, BGMI has streamlined the process. Be patient and cooperative during the account recovery journey. Once you regain access, ensure that you continue to follow best practices for account security.

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Recovering a hacked BGMI account has become more accessible and secure with the introduction of new updates and features in 2024. Players can take immediate action by changing passwords, seeking assistance from BGMI support, and enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). It’s crucial to stay vigilant against suspicious activities and cooperate with the verification process if required. By staying informed about BGMI’s security measures and exercising patience during the recovery process.


My BGMI account got hacked. What should I do first?

The first step is to change your account passwords immediately, including your BGMI account password and associated social media account passwords.

How can I contact BGMI support for assistance with my hacked account?

You can visit the official BGMI website and navigate to the customer support or help section. From there, you can submit a request for assistance with your hacked account, providing essential details about the incident.

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and how can it help secure my account?

2FA adds an extra layer of security to your account. It requires you to verify your identity through a secondary method, such as a one-time code sent to your registered email or mobile number. Enabling 2FA can prevent unauthorized access to your BGMI account.

How long does it typically take to recover a hacked BGMI account?

The duration of the recovery process can vary, but BGMI has streamlined it with new updates.

What kind of verification may BGMI require during the account recovery process?

BGMI may request proof of ownership or ask security questions to confirm your identity. It's essential to cooperate with their requests promptly to expedite the recovery process.

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