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Worlds 2024 Swiss Stage:- The 2024 League of Legends World Championship stands as one of the most anticipated events in the esports calendar, captivating fans and enthusiasts worldwide. This global tournament showcases the pinnacle of competitive gaming, where the best teams from around the world battle for supremacy. In this article, we turn our attention to the heart of the competition: the Swiss Stage. With teams from around the globe vying for glory, this tournament is a showcase of skill, strategy, and determination. In this article, we will delve into one of the most exciting phases of the championship – the Swiss Stage.  Get ready to be immersed in the thrilling world of Worlds 2023!

Worlds 2024 Swiss Stage

The 2024 League of Legends World Championship, a pinnacle in competitive gaming, has made a resounding return, captivating the global esports community. Our article zeroes in on the Swiss Stage, a critical and thrilling phase of this monumental event.

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The Swiss Stage is truly special because of its distinctive format, designed to deliver high-octane action and unpredictable outcomes. We’ll delve into the specifics of this format, showcasing how it differentiates itself from other tournament structures.  Get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Worlds 2024, where legends are born and destinies are forged on the virtual battlefield.

Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Overview

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A Guide to Worlds 2024 Swiss Stage

The Worlds 2024 Swiss Stage promises to be an enthralling segment of the League of Legends World Championship, featuring an intense clash of top-tier teams from across the globe. Here’s an in-depth guide to help you understand the ins and outs of this critical phase:

Teams in the Swiss Stage

Fourteen top teams secured their spots through prequalification, proving their worth in the Worlds 2024 Play-In round. These determined teams earned their places, and the competition only intensified in the Swiss Stage. Two additional teams took a different path, battling their way to this stage through the intense and competitive Play-In phase. This diverse mix of 16 teams will make for an incredibly competitive environment.

Swiss-Style Format

The Swiss Stage is aptly named, as it adopts a Swiss-style format, known for its intricate and exciting structure. Here’s how it works:

  • Five Rounds: The Swiss Stage consists of five rounds.
  • Qualification and Elimination: Teams strive to accumulate three wins in the Swiss Stage of Worlds 2024, marking their qualification for the Knockout Stage and a significant step forward in the tournament.
  • Match Formats: The competition features a mix of Best-of-Three (BO3) and Best-of-One (BO1) matches. The match formats in the Worlds 2024 Swiss Stage add an extra layer of excitement to the competition. The stage features a diverse blend of Best-of-Three (BO3) and Best-of-One (BO1) matches.
  • Initial Pairings: At the start of the Swiss Stage, teams undergo random pairings with counterparts from different regions.
  • Rematching Based on Records: In the Swiss Stage of Worlds 2024, starting from Round 2 and continuing throughout subsequent rounds, teams are strategically matched against others who share the same win-loss record. This ensures that the competition remains balanced and that teams of similar strength compete against each other.
  • Continual Rematching: One of the most captivating features of the Swiss Stage at Worlds 2024 is the concept of continual rematching.

This Swiss-style format adds an extra layer of excitement, as each match has the potential to reshape the tournament landscape. With the fate of teams hanging in the balance, it’s a stage that demands resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination. Stay tuned for thrilling action as the world’s best teams battle it out to secure their spot in the Knockout Stage and take one step closer to League of Legends glory.

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 Scores and Schedule Of Worlds Swiss Stage 2024

Team Region W-L Record
Gen.G Korea 3 – 0
JD Gaming China 3 – 0
G2 Esports EMEA 2 – 1
LNG Esports China 2 – 1
NRG NA 2 – 1
T1 Korea 2 – 1
Bilibili Gaming China 2 – 1
KT Rolster Korea 2 – 1
Weibo Gaming China 1 – 2
Fnatic EMEA 1 – 2
MAD Lions EMEA 1 – 2
Cloud9 NA 1 – 2
Dplus KIA Korea 1 – 2
GAM Esports Vietnam 1 – 2
Team BDS EMEA 0 – 3
Team Liquid NA 0 – 3
  • Round 1 Results:
    Match No Teams Winner
    1 T1 vs Team Liquid T1
    2 Cloud9 vs MAD Lions Cloud9
    3 Gen.G vs GAM Esports Gen.G
    4 JD Gaming vs Team BDS JD Gaming
    5 G2 Esports vs Dplus KIA G2 Esports
    6 NRG vs Weibo Gaming NRG
    7 LNG Esports vs Fnatic LNG
    8 Bilibili Gaming vs KT Rolster Bilibili Gaming

    Round 2 Results:

    Match No Teams Winner
    9 NRG vs Team Liquid NRG
    10 LNG vs Cloud9 LNG
    11 MAD Lions vs Team BDS Team BDS
    12 Fnatic vs GAM Esports GAM Esports
    13 Gen.G vs T1 Gen.G
    14 G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming G2 Esports
    15 JD Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming JD Gaming
    16 KT Rolster vs Dplus KIA Dplus KIA

    Round 3 Results:

    Match No Teams Winner
    17 JD Gaming vs LNG JD Gaming
    18 Gen.G vs G2 Esports Gen.G
    19 T1 vs Cloud9 T1
    20 NRG vs MAD Lions NRG
    21 Bilibili Gaming vs Fnatic Bilibili Gaming
    22 KT Rolster vs Weibo Gaming KT Rolster
    23 GAM Esports vs Team Liquid GAM Esports
    24 Dplus KIA vs Dark Passage Dplus KIA

The schedules and tables for Round 4 and Round 5 will be updated as the tournament progresses for clarity.

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The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage has proven to be a thrilling and fiercely competitive battleground for the world’s best League of Legends teams. As teams battled through Rounds 1, 2, and 3, we’ve witnessed intense clashes, unexpected upsets, and the unwavering spirit of these esports giants. The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage remains a testament to the global appeal of esports, bringing fans together to celebrate the sport they love. As the tournament progresses, we eagerly anticipate more extraordinary plays, strategies, and moments that define the spirit of Worlds.


What is the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage?

The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage is a crucial phase of the League of Legends World Championship. It features a Swiss-style format where teams compete to secure three wins to advance to the Knockout Stage or face elimination if they accumulate three losses.

How many teams are participating in the Swiss Stage?

The Swiss Stage consists of 16 teams.

How does the Swiss-style format work?

Teams start with one initial match against a team from a different region. In subsequent rounds, teams are matched against others with the same win-loss record. .

What are the key dates and times for the Swiss Stage matches?

TMatches are subject to change and potential delays based on the official broadcast of Riot Games.

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