Color color what color, What Color Is It? Color Games For Kids

“Color color what color do you choose” is a funny game played by kids in cities and villages in Schools during leisure time and in home during vacations. This game teaches the kids how to take decisions by coordinating with others andto observe what others speak. This game make the kids to be familiar with the different color shades.

Color color what color


  • 3 or More number of players
  • Play area mainly should have various colors.

How to play

  • One from the group of players is selected as the commander. The commander is selected by any one of the choosy method.
  • Other than the commander the rest of the people discuss between them selves and selects a color.
  • And the group stands away from the commander to some extent. Such that the group is in one end and the commander is in the other end.
  • The group ask the commander to choose the color with a statement as “color color what color do you choose” the commander replies the group with a color.
  • This is continued until the color the commander chooses matches the color decided by the group.
  • When the commander chosen color matches with the group decided color, the group as to run and touch the color with out getting caught in the hand of the commander.
  • If a person is caught by the commander the person will be the new commander and the commander will in turn join the group.

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