Scout Vs Neyoo BGMI Stats, Income, Achievements, Controversy, Sensitivity & More

Scout Vs Neyoo BGMI Stats- In the vibrant and passionate world of Indian gaming, competition runs high, trash talk is the norm, and controversies are never far behind. Among the prominent figures in this exciting community, Scout and Godlike Neyoo have emerged as rivals, not only within the game but in real life as well. Their rivalry centers around the age-old question: who can claim the title of being the top BGMI eSports player? In this post, we’ll dive deep into a comparison of Scout and Neyoo’s BGMI statistics, achievements, income, and more.

Scout Vs Neyoo BGMI Stats

The battlegrounds of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) have witnessed epic showdowns between some of the country’s finest eSports players. Among these warriors, two names stand tall – Scout and Neyoo. These players have garnered immense fame and respect, not only for their gaming prowess but also for their intense rivalry. The Scout vs. Neyoo showdown in the world of BGMI has taken the gaming community by storm. These two esports juggernauts, with their distinct playing styles and competitive spirit, have become the center of attention. To delve into their epic clash, let’s first break down their BGMI stats and achievements to see who holds the upper hand in this intense rivalry.


Scout Vs Neyoo In BGMI Overview

Artical Name Scout Vs Neyoo BGMI Stats
Game Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Developer of Game Krafton
Category Online Game
Official Website Click Here

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Scout Vs Neyoo Players Profile

Scout and Neyoo, two well-known BGMI players, have distinctive player profiles. Scout, whose real name is Tanmay Singh, was born on July 30, 1996, making him 27 years old as of 2023. He hails from Gujarat, India, and follows the Hindu religion. Scout has made a name for himself as a professional esports player. On the other side, Neyoo, or Suraj Majumdar, was born on June 21, 2000, making him 23 years old as of 2023. He is from Maharashtra, India, and also practices the Hindu faith:

Profile Details Scout Neyoo
IGN Scout Neyoo
Real Name Tanmay Singh Suraj Majumdar
Date Of Birth 30 July 1996 21 June 2000
Age 27 Years (2023) 23 Years (2023)
Religion Hindu Hindu
Hometown Gujarat Maharashtra
Nationality Indian Indian
Profession Esports Player Esports Player

BGMI Stats Comparison Scout vs. Neyoo

Profile Scout Neyoo
BGMI ID 5144286984 5148143190
Team Team Xspark Godlike Esports
Role Support Player Assaulter
Teammates Aditya, Pukar, Sarang Jonathan, Shadow, Zgod
Coach Unknown Godlike Ghatak
Manager Urvesh Godlike Kronten
Control Code 6974-6421-0793-9028-994 7052-8770-0222-7844-310
Sensitivity Code 6974-6421-0793-9028-995 7052-8770-0222-7844-311


Scout vs Neyoo BGMI Achievements and Earnings

Scout BGMI Achievements:-

  1. Runners Up In PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – East With Team Orange Rock
  2. Runners Up In PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Spilt 2019: India Finals With TeamIND
  3. Winners Of PUBG Mobile All Stars 2019 With Team Fnatic

Neyoo BGMI Achievements:-

  1. Runners Up In BGMI Masters Series Season 1 With Team Godlike
  2. Winners Of Pubg Mobile Club Open 2019 South Asia Finals With Team Entity Gaming
  3. 5th Rank In PMCO 2019 Global Finals: Malaysia With Team Entity Gaming
  4. Runners Up In PMPL South Asia Season 1: 2020 With Team TSM Entity
  5. Winners Of PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 With Team TSM Entity

Earnings and Salary :-

Profile Scout Neyoo
Salary Unknown 2000$ to 3000$ monthly
Overall Income Up To 50000$ Monthly Up To 50000$ Monthly
Yt Subscribers 4.8 Million 500K
Net Worth 3 Million Dollars 500,000$

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Scout Vs Neyoo Controversy

Scout’s Response to Neyoo’s Roast

In the ongoing feud between Scout and Neyoo, Scout had a rather unexpected reaction to Neyoo’s roast. While streaming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V on the SOULCITY server, Scout discussed Neyoo’s recent comments. Instead of a fiery exchange, Scout handled Neyoo’s roast with composure and even praised some aspects of it.

Neyoo had earlier mentioned that he hadn’t talked about Scout for a long time, suggesting he wasn’t keen on stirring up trouble. Neyoo, in a somewhat friendly gesture, invited Scout to meet in person to settle any differences and shared his contact details.

In an unusual twist, Scout appreciated Neyoo’s new “roast style” for being more logical and less abusive. However, he maintained his belief that he was superior in the art of roasting. Scout also admitted some inaccuracies in Neyoo’s remarks, which he intended to address when they meet.

Scout declined the idea of a boxing match between them due to their differing weight categories. He also clarified that there were no ongoing issues with fellow player Mavi.

Neyoo’s Final Response To Scout

The Scout vs. Neyoo gaming feud took an interesting turn as Neyoo delivered his last response. In this statement, Neyoo aimed to clarify his side of the story and bring an end to the ongoing feud.

Neyoo highlighted an incident involving Scout and another player, Jonathan. He claimed Scout’s comments to Jonathan were fueled by frustration, sparking the controversy. While Jonathan chose not to respond, Scout continued to rant during multiple streams.

Neyoo highlighted his strong bond with Jonathan and their team’s trust in each other. He indirectly suggested that neither he nor Scout displayed “class” and reminded Scout that class couldn’t be bought. Neyoo also playfully advised Scout to consider marriage as a path to maturity.

Scout vs Neyoo BGMI Control and Sensitivity Comparison

In the world of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), Scout and Neyoo are two prominent names, each with their unique control settings and sensitivity preferences:

Scout’s Control Setup:

  • BGMI ID: 5144286984
  • Role: Support Player
  • Team: Team Xspark
  • Control Code: 6974-6421-0793-9028-994
  • Sensitivity Code: 6974-6421-0793-9028-995

Scout, known for his support role, uses a specific control setup that allows him to provide critical support to his team. His control and sensitivity codes are tailored to his role, striking a balance between precision aiming and quick reactions.

Neyoo’s Control Setup:

  • BGMI ID: 5148143190
  • Role: Assaulter
  • Team: Godlike Esports
  • Control Code: 7052-8770-0222-7844-310
  • Sensitivity Code: 7052-8770-0222-7844-311

Neyoo, on the other hand, takes on the role of an assaulter, requiring a control setup that facilitates aggressive gameplay. His control and sensitivity codes reflect his need for swift movements and precise targeting during intense encounters.


In the battlegrounds of BGMI, Scout and Neyoo stand as formidable players, each with their own strengths and achievements. Scout, a seasoned support player with Team Xspark, brings precision and strategy to his gameplay. Neyoo, an assaulter representing Godlike Esports, thrives on aggressive tactics and sharp reflexes. As they continue their journey in the world of BGMI, their stats showcase their dedication and prowess, making them iconic figures in the game. The rivalry between these two players adds an extra layer of excitement to the BGMI esports scene, leaving fans eager to witness their future clashes.


Who is Scout and Neyoo in the world of BGMI esports?

Scout, also known as Tanmay Singh, is a prominent BGMI player who plays the role of a support player for Team Xspark. Neyoo, whose real name is Suraj Majumdar, is an assaulter representing Godlike Esports. Both are celebrated figures in the BGMI esports community.

What is the difference in their playing styles?

Scout focuses on precision and strategy as a support player, while Neyoo relies on aggressive tactics and sharp reflexes as an assaulter.

How can fans watch their gameplay and follow their careers?

Fans can watch their live streams and stay updated on their achievements through various streaming platforms, social media channels, and esports news outlets.

Are there any plans for a face-to-face meeting between Scout and Neyoo to resolve their differences?

Neyoo has expressed his willingness to meet Scout in person to discuss any issues and clear the air. However, it remains to be seen if such a meeting will take place.

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