Appalam Udaithal, Indian Traditional Old Marriage Game

Appalam Udaithal (அப்பளம் உடைத்தல்)

Appalam Udaithal -Indian Marriage Game-

Appalam Udaithal is yet another interesting traditional game played by bride and groom in marriages. This game is played in traditional marriages just to have fun and to get an understanding between the Bride and Groom.

Appalam Udaithal is a traditional game played in India, especially in Tamil Nadu. It is a fun and exciting game that is usually played during festivals or special occasions. The game is also known as Papadum toss in some parts of India.The game requires a minimum of two players, but it can be played with a larger group of people. The equipment required for the game is a papadum or appalam, which is a thin, crispy, and circular flatbread made from lentil flour, rice flour, or black gram flour.

Appalam Udaithal Marriage Indian Game

How to Play?

This game is played only after the marriage that is after tying the Knot. The bride and groom are asked to sit in opposite directions so that they can touch each other’s face. Then roasted Appalams (Pappad) are kept in a basket near them and the Bride and groom are asked to play with it by hitting it in others face. First the bride picks two appalams in two hands and take it to Groom’s face and crush it by hit it in the cheek of the Groom without hurting. It will be of great fun when they hit the applam on one another with bit force without hurting the opponent.

To start the game, the players sit in a circle and place the appalam in the middle of the circle. One player will then toss the appalam in the air, and the other players will try to catch it. If a player successfully catches the appalam, they get to toss it in the air and continue the game.

Details Of Appalam Udaithal Game

The catch is that the appalam must not break during the toss and catch. If it does break, the player who tossed it must take a penalty, which could be singing a song, telling a joke, or doing a silly dance.As the game progresses, the players increase the difficulty level by tossing the appalam higher in the air or by adding more appalams to the game. The game becomes more challenging and exciting as the players try to catch multiple appalams while avoiding penalties.

Appalam Udaithal is not only a fun game but also a cultural activity that brings people together. It is a great way to socialize and have fun while enjoying traditional Indian food.


Appalam Udaithal is a fun and entertaining game that has been played in India for generations. It is a great way to bring people together and enjoy traditional Indian culture. If you have not played this game yet, grab some appalams, gather some friends, and give it a try.


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