8bit Creatives Talent Agency, Owner & All Members

8bit Creatives Talent Agency- Before diving into the details of 8bit Creatives, let’s explore the realm of talent agencies and their pivotal role in shaping careers and industries. Talent agencies serve as bridges between creative talents and the vast opportunities awaiting them in the digital age. These agencies, often hidden from the spotlight, work diligently behind the scenes to scout, groom, and promote talented individuals. Let’s delve deeper into the world of 8bit Creatives and how they empower the digital stars of tomorrow.

8bit Creatives Talent Agency

8bit Creatives stands as a unique talent agency in the world of digital marketing, creating and executing campaigns that leverage India’s growing gaming craze. This agency grants brands exclusive access to over 50 of India’s top gaming talents. One notable collaboration involved Amazon Prime’s “The Family Man” Season 1. It began with a shoot featuring the series’ star, Manoj Bajpayee, followed by an exciting game of PUBG Mobile with him. The campaign ran for a week, with “The Family Man” logo on all live streams.

Another enduring partnership is with Mamaearth, a brand focusing on daily-use products. Vlogs became the ideal platform to integrate Mamaearth, offering viewers coupon codes for discounts. Realme joined the mix, with creators unboxing the Realme Narzo 30 5G in entertaining ways. They later participated in BGMI’s tournament, offering viewers chances to win the new phone. iQOO 7’s campaign highlighted its dual-chip capabilities through an interactive AR filter game on Instagram. Lastly, Airtel explored cloud gaming on Airtel 5G with 8bit Creators, shaping the future of gaming and brand promotion.

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8bit Creatives: Talent Agency Overview

Article Name 8bit Creatives -Talent Agency
CEO and Founder Animesh Agarwal (also known as 8bit Thug)
Founding Date Not specified
Description India’s leading e-sports consulting and talent agency
Directors  Lokesh Jain and Animesh Agarwal
Category Online Gaming
Primary Services Curating and executing gaming-related campaigns for brands
Number of Creators Represented 50+ of India’s top gaming talents
Key Aim Facilitating brand campaigns leveraging India’s gaming enthusiasm
Official Website Click Here
Notable Campaigns Amazon Prime’s “The Family Man,” Mamaearth, Realme, iQOO, Airtel 5G

What is 8bit Creatives?

  • 8bit Creatives is a dynamic force in the world of eSports and gaming in India. This innovative venture emerged from a collaboration between two prominent eSports organizations: 8bit and SOUL. Spearheaded by Animesh Agarwal, popularly known as 8bit Thug, and in partnership with 8bit Goldy, 8bit Creatives was introduced to the gaming community.
  • Distinguishing between S8UL and 8bit Creatives is essential. S8UL serves as an assembly of exceptional gamers, carefully chosen for their extraordinary talents. In contrast, 8bit Creatives plays a pivotal role in the commercial representation of gamers in India.
  • At its core, 8bit Creatives acts as a bridge between brands and its pool of gaming creators. When brands express interest in sponsoring these creators, particularly those affiliated with 8bit Creatives, this innovative agency steps in. It skillfully negotiates and formalizes these brand collaborations, relieving creators of the intricate details involved in these partnerships.

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8bit Creatives Owner and All Members

8bit Creatives, founded by Animesh Agarwal (also known as 8bit Thug), is a talent agency and esports consulting firm in India. It serves as a bridge between brands and gaming creators, representing these creators in commercial deals and sponsorships, facilitating collaborations, and helping creators focus on what they do best-creating engaging gaming content. The agency’s roster of talented creators showcases the diverse and vibrant gaming community in India. Animesh Agarwal’s leadership as CEO has propelled 8bit Creatives to become a prominent player in the esports and gaming industry.

8bit Creatives Team

Position Name
Owner & CEO Animesh Agarwal
Founder Animesh Agarwal
Co-Founder 8bit Goldy
CMO Naman Mathur
COO Lokesh Jain
Operations Lead Swaraj Chauhan
Client Success Co-lead Avika Jain
Strategy & Content Lead Sona Agarwal
Client Success Co-lead Riddhima Rana
PR & Communications Lead Ruby Jain

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8bit Creatives Creators-Home Of India’s Gaming Telents

8bit Creatives boasts an impressive roster of creators who have left an indelible mark on India’s gaming and esports landscape. These creators are more than just players; they are influential figures who connect with audiences through their gaming skills, charisma, and content creation. Their dedication to their craft has made them beloved icons in the gaming community:

  • SOUL VIPER (Yash Soni): A renowned figure in the gaming community known for his exceptional gaming skills.
  • SC0UT (Tanmay Singh): A popular gamer and content creator recognized for his entertaining streams.
  • 8BIT MAMBA (Salman Ahmad): Known for his gaming prowess and engaging content.
  • SOUL REGALTOS (Parv Singh): A skilled gamer who has made a name for himself in the gaming world.
  • K18 (Ketan Patel): A prominent member known for his gaming content.
  • 8BITBEG4MERCY (Mrinmoy Lakhar): A content creator contributing to the gaming community.
  • 8BIT MAFIA (Mukul Anchal): A gamer and content creator bringing exciting content to the audience.
  • 8BIT REBEL (Ayan Alamgir): Known for his gaming skills and content creation.
  • BEAST (Harinder Kumar): A prominent figure in the gaming community.
  • AMAN (Aman Jain): A talented gamer and content creator.
  • 8BIT POTHEAD (Nihar Saha): Known for his unique gaming content.
  • SANGWAN (Dhruv Sangwan): A content creator adding value to the gaming community.
  • SOUL ZEREF (Devdeep Dhar): Recognized for his gaming expertise and content.
  • AKSHU (Kamal Kumar): A gamer known for entertaining content.
  • 8BIT RAV3N (Paridhi Khullar): Contributing to the gaming world with engaging content.
  • PAYAL GAMING (Payal Dhare): A prominent female gamer and content creator.
  • MAVI (Harmandeep Singh): Known for his gaming skills and content creation.
  • MILI (Saloni Kandalgaonkar): A female content creator making her mark in the gaming industry.
  • SHERLOCK (Monika Jeph): Adding her unique style to the gaming community.
  • MAHARANI (Ankkita Chauhan): A female gamer and content creator.
  • BINKS69 (Mithul Nayak): A gaming enthusiast contributing to the community.
  • SNAX GAMING (Raj Varma): Known for his gaming content.
  • KRUTIKA PLAYS (Krutika Ojha): A content creator making gaming content more exciting.
  • GAMEXPRO (Ravi Rawat): Adding value to the gaming world with his content.
  • KAASH PLAYS (Kaashvi Hiranandani): A content creator known for her gaming videos.
  • ADYPAT (Deepanshu Patel): A gamer and content creator.
  • MEW2 (Sunny): A member contributing to the gaming community.
  • VARUN THE GAMER: A valuable addition to the team.
  • SID (Siddhant Joshi): Known for his gaming content.
  • PLAY LIKE INCOGNITO (Sonali Singh): Making gaming content more enjoyable.
  • AMAAN ANSARI (Amaan Mozaffar Ansari): A member known for his gaming skills.
  • ULTRON (Hemanth Sethi): A gamer making a mark in the community.
  • JOKER KI HAVELI (Gulrez Khan): Adding a unique touch to gaming content.
  • SID4RTH (Sidharth): A contributor to the gaming world.
  • ROXX (Yogesh Yadav): Known for his gaming expertise.
  • RONAK (Harpreet Janjuha): A valuable member of the gaming community.
  • RUSHERWOW (Adil Maniar): Contributing to gaming content.
  • PITAJI PLAYS (Sunny): A talented gamer and content creator.
  • HELA AISHA (Aisha Ray): A female gamer making her presence felt.
  • EIGHTFOLD (Subham Ghalot): Adding unique content to the gaming world.
  • PRATEEK YT: A valuable contributor to gaming content.
  • MASKMAN UG (Jaymit Jha): Known for his unique gaming content.
  • EXION: A member bringing innovation to the gaming community.
  • HEADFLICKER (Arpit Wadhawan): Adding excitement to gaming content.
  • ANIMESH AGARWAL: The CEO of 8bit Creatives, leading the organization to success.
  • NAMAN MATHUR: Serving as the CMO, contributing to the company’s growth.
  • LOKESH JAIN: The COO, playing a crucial role in the company’s operations.
  • SWARAJ CHAUHAN: Leading operations to ensure efficiency.
  • AVIKA JAIN: Co-leading client success and engagement.
  • SONA AGARWAL: Leading strategy and content efforts.
  • RIDDHIMA RANA: Co-leading client success, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • RUBY JAIN: Leading PR and communications efforts.

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8bit Creatives stands as a pioneering talent agency at the forefront of India’s burgeoning gaming and esports landscape. Founded and led by Animesh Agarwal, the CEO and visionary force behind the organization, 8bit Creatives has established itself as a bridge between India’s top gaming talent and brands seeking to tap into this dynamic market. With a dedicated team of professionals, including Naman Mathur, Lokesh Jain, and many others, they have crafted a success story that continues to shape the esports industry. Together, they are redefining the way gaming content and sponsorships converge, leaving an indelible mark on India’s gaming ecosystem.


What is 8bit Creatives?

8bit Creatives is a leading talent agency in India, primarily focused on the gaming and esports industry. It represents some of India's most prominent gaming creators and influencers, facilitating collaborations between brands and these gaming talents.

Who is the founder of 8bit Creatives?

8bit Creatives was co-founded by Animesh Agarwal, who is also the CEO of the organization. Animesh Agarwal is well-known in the gaming community as 8bit Thug.

What is the role of 8bit Creatives?

8bit Creatives acts as an intermediary between gaming creators and brands. It helps gaming talents secure sponsorship deals and partnerships with brands interested in reaching the gaming audience.

How does 8bit Creatives benefit gaming creators?

8bit Creatives provides gaming creators with opportunities to collaborate with brands, which can include sponsorships, promotions, and other mutually beneficial arrangements. This enables gaming creators to monetize their content and grow their influence.

Who are some of the notable members of 8bit Creatives?

8bit Creatives represents a diverse group of gaming creators, including SOUL VIPER, SC0UT, 8BIT MAMBA, SOUL REGALTOS, K18, and many more. These creators are some of the most popular figures in India's gaming community.

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