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Outdoor Games

Odi Puduchi Vilayaduradhu

Odi puduchi vilayaduradhu

Odi puduchi vilayaduradhu is a simple traditional game that can be played anywhere. This game is even played by kids below 2 yrs with their elders for having fun.


  • Two or more players

  • Play Area (Open Ground / Any room in a house)

How to Play

This game is played in two methods

Method 1

The players who are interested in playing this game gather at the play area and
select a player who is going to be ‘out’. That person is the person who will catch
others. Once the ‘out’ person is selected the other say ‘Jute’ (Ready for the game)
and start running here and there, the person who is ‘out’ will run after the players to
catch them, the players run in such a way that they are not get touched by the person
who is out. Once the ‘out’ player touches any running player then that player
becomes the ‘out’ person and he need to run after others to make them ‘out’.


In between the game, if any player gets tired or if they want to stop the game at any
point any one player can stop it by yelling ‘waitease’. Once someone says ‘waitease’ then all have to stop running or the ‘out’ player should not touch the player who said ‘waitease’ (it mainly depends upon the rules formed at the beginning of the game), even if the ‘out’ player touches that player he will not be ‘out’.

Method 2

This game is played as similar to Method 1, but instead of ‘waitease’ the player sits in the place where he stands. If the player sits then the ‘out’ person cannot make him ‘out’

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