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Vidukathai (விடுகதை) – In order to make teaching children easier, vidukathai are frequently stated in metaphorical or allegorical language that calls for creative problem-solving and careful consideration. Children like the mysteries and surprises buried in them.


Most of the time, vidukathai are used to teach children who like mysteries and surprises because they are written in metaphorical or allegorical language and require creative thinking and careful planning to solve.



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How To Play Vidukathai (விடுகதை)?

Riddle – a puzzle to be solved, an object is described in one or two lines as a hidden object (without directly describing), Riddle tells to search with artistic beauty and hidden trick; Its purpose is to make you think. Its beauty is what makes you love it

There can be no one who doesn’t like short stories, everyone from adults to children can love them. stories are found in all the uncivilized languages of the world. Short stories are admired as a literature. Short stories are a feast for thought and a place for comedy. In this short story, there are high Vedic ideas to simple worldly life. .Such a feast for knowledge is approaching today.

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