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Soodu Kottai

Soodu Kottai

In olden days kids used to play and have fun with

naturally and readily, available things got from trees,

plants, etc. There used to play many games, some

of the games are listed here


One such game known by all and played even today

is Soodu Kottai, It is got from the cylindrical flowers of

Kalyana murungai, which is one of the most colorful

indigenous tree of peninsular India. Kids used to

collect the seeds and rub it on the floor to generate

heat it in, the beauty of this seed is it generates more

heat while rubbing on the floor and maintain the heat in the seed. Then the rubbed hot seed is put on any part of the body other than face. The kid who got the hot seed will run and will do the same to the kid who gave him the hot treatment. It’ll be great fun that the kids will put the hot seed on other when the receiver is unaware of it. 


The other one is Pattaas Kaai. It is found on road side bushes in Villages. This seed will

burst in few seconds after you sprinkle water on it. Kids used to collect them while going

to school, and will sprinkle water on it and put inside the dress of other kids. The seed

with water on it will burst inside the dress which will create an irritating sensation in the

body, its of great fun when kids run here and there after the seed gets busted in their


Kids collect another plant, which has a hollow stem with a rose color flower at the end of it. Kids use the stem part, which is like a tube to blow bubbles with soap water. It is a seasonal game where the kids blow bubbles when the flower blossoms.

There are more games kids used to play in villages with the naturally available items and have great fun of it.

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