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Mangatha is a very simple and popular card game, mainly played by
adults by betting money, Kids play by betting tamarind seeds,
matchbox labels, cigarette wrappers, bottle crowns, etc.  It's also
known as "Ullae, Veliyae".

Things required to Play

  • Fair Playing cards – one deck

  •  2 or more players

How to Play 

  • First the players fix the bet (E.g. Say both the players bet equal
    amount of tamarind seeds) and place it on the table where they play

  • One Player from the group shuffles the deck and asks anyone in
    the group to pick a number and ask him where he wants the card
    ullae(in) or veliyae(out) (E.g. Say the player selects number 8 and
    tells ullae)

  • Now the player who has the deck starts throwing the cards in open
    in the table in two sets, one is named as Ullae (in) and the other as
    Veliyae (out)

  • If the card with number selected by player 2 first falls in ullae set
    then the player who selected the number wins the game and he
    takes all the tamarind seeds, but if it falls in the veliyae set all the
    tamarind seeds goes to the person who throws the card.

  • The winner takes the entire bet in the table.