Best 10 Women Surfers in the World 2024, Top Women Surfers in the World, Pioneers, Contemporary Icons, Surfing Styles and Techniques

Best Women Surfers:- Surfing, once dominated by men, has seen an incredible transformation in recent years, with women surfers making waves like never before. This article delves into the exciting world of women’s surfing and highlights the significance of recognizing the best women surfers in the world. The sport’s history is intertwined with tales of fearless women who have braved the waves, shattered stereotypes, and claimed their rightful place in the ocean.

Best 10 Women Surfers in the world 2024

The significance of this topic lies in the fact that women surfers are no longer just a footnote in the history of this exhilarating sport; they are the protagonists of their own epic tales. With their remarkable skills, boundless determination, and countless accomplishments, they have not only earned respect but have also captured the imagination of surf enthusiasts around the world.

As we take you on a journey through the profiles of the best women surfers on the planet, you’ll discover the compelling stories, the fierce competition, and the unwavering passion that define these athletes. So, grab your virtual surfboard, and ride the wave of inspiration with us as we explore the incredible world of the best women surfers in the universe.

Best Women Surfers in the World

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Best Women Surfers Overview

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Top 10 Women Surfers in the World

Rank Surfer’s Name Nationality Age Championship Tour Debut Notable Achievements
1 Molly Picklum Australia 20 2nd Year (2023) – Currently ranked #1 – Multiple top placements in 2023
2 Tyler Wright Australia 29 13th Year – 15 WSL victories, including Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
3 Carissa Moore Hawaii 31 4-time World Champion – First woman to win gold at the Olympics (2021)
4 Caitlin Simmers United States Under 18 2nd Year (2023) – Young talent with recent CT victory (MEO Rip Curl Pro)
5 Tatiana Weston-Webb Brazil 26 Represented Brazil in Tokyo Olympics – Several WSL victories
6 Caroline Marks United States 21 Youngest CT qualifier – Represented USA at Tokyo Olympics – Top placements, including 2nd place in 2019
7 Gabriela Bryan Hawaii 21 2nd Year (2023) – Promising talent with top placements in 2023
8 Bettylou Sakura Johnson Hawaii 18 – Notable wildcard entry and QS victories
9 Stephanie Gilmore Australia 35 8-time World Champion – Most world titles in women’s surfing history
10 Isabella Nichols Australia 25 3rd Year (2023) – Transitioned from QS with a CT victory in 2022

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Pioneers of Women’s Surfing

Pioneers of Women’s Surfing:
1. Isabel Letham:
Trailblazer in 1915, one of the first documented female surfers.
– Showcased tandem surfing with Duke Kahanamoku, challenging gender barriers.
2. Marge Calhoun:
– Prominent in the 1950s Malibu surf scene, a pioneer in women’s big-wave surfing.
– Notable achievement: Victory in the Makaha International surf contest.
3. Joyce Hoffman:
– Standout surfer in the 1960s, multiple victories in U.S. Surfing Championships and international competitions.
– Instrumental in proving the competitiveness and skill of female surfers.
4. Rell Sunn:
– Known as the “Queen of Makaha,” a legendary Hawaiian surfer.
– Excelled in professional surfing and inspired through her battle against cancer.
5. Phyllis O’Donnell:
– Pioneering Australian surfer in the 1960s, competed in the inaugural World Surfing Championships.
– Contributed to the global recognition of female surfers as elite athletes.

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Contemporary Icons in Women’s Surfing

Contemporary Icons in Women’s Surfing:
1. Caroline Marks:
– Rising star from the United States, aged 20.
– Dynamic and progressive style with multiple WSL victories.
2. Carissa Moore:
– Hawaiian powerhouse, four-time WSL World Champion and Olympic gold medalist.
– Powerful, stylish, and record-breaking surfer, dominating Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.
3. Tatiana Weston-Webb:
– Versatile surfer from Hawaii, now representing Brazil.
– Championship Tour debut at 18, WSL victories, and 2021 Tokyo Olympics participation.
4. Stephanie Gilmore:
– Australian legend with eight World Championships, renowned for her stylish surfing.
– Unique achievement: Winning the world title in her rookie year.
5. Molly Picklum:
– Emerging talent from Australia, currently leading WSL rankings at 20.
– Impressive placements in her second year on the Championship Tour.
6. Bettylou Sakura Johnson:
Youngest surfer alongside Caitlin Simmers in the Championship Tour at 18.
– Notable achievements include winning in the Qualifying Series.

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The Competitive Landscape

The Competitive Landscape:
World Surf League (WSL):
– Premier global platform for professional surfing.
– Championship Tour (CT): Pinnacle of competitive surfing at iconic global destinations.
Notable Competitions:
Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Prestigious, long-running event in Australia with challenging waves.
Billabong Pipe Masters: Iconic event at Pipeline in Hawaii featuring top male and female surfers.
Vans US Open of Surfing: Energetic competition in Huntington Beach, California, offering significant points.
– Intense rivalries like Carissa Moore vs. Stephanie Gilmore have captivated the women’s surfing world.
– Emerging talents such as Caroline Marks and Molly Picklum bring fresh competition and rivalries.
Importance of Competitions:
– Provide a platform for female surfers to showcase their skills, determination, and athleticism.
– Offer visibility, prize money, and inspire the next generation of female surfers.
– Rivalries add excitement and drive athletes to continually raise their performance levels.

Surfing Styles and Techniques

Surfing Styles and Techniques:
Surfing Styles
– Power Surfing: Focused on strong, aggressive maneuvers, including powerful turns and deep tube rides.
– Progressive Surfing: Emphasizes innovative tricks and maneuvers, such as aerials and progressive cutbacks.
– Graceful Surfing: Showcases fluid and elegant movements on the wave, with an emphasis on style and flow.
– Big Wave Surfing: Mastering the art of riding massive waves, requiring extreme courage and skill.
Adaptation to Different Waves and Conditions
– Beach Breaks: Fast and challenging waves often require quick decision-making and precise timing.
– Point Breaks: Long, peeling waves that allow for longer rides and more stylish maneuvers.
– Reef Breaks: Powerful, hollow waves where surfers need to navigate shallow reef hazards.
– Variability: The ability to adapt to changing conditions, from small, mellow waves to heavy, barreling surf.

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The Future of Women’s Surfing

The Future of Women’s Surfing:
Potential for Growth and Development
– Increasing Visibility: Continued growth in the visibility of women’s surfing through media coverage and sponsorships.
– Expanding Opportunities: More opportunities for female surfers at both professional and grassroots levels.
– Global Talent Pool: The emergence of talent from diverse regions, contributing to the sport’s global appeal.
– Progress in Equality: Ongoing strides towards gender equality, including prize money parity and recognition.
Challenges and Barriers
– Gender Pay Gap: Addressing remaining disparities in prize money between male and female surfers.
– Media Representation: Overcoming the challenge of achieving equitable media coverage for women’s surfing.
– Breaking Stereotypes: Challenging lingering stereotypes about gender roles in extreme sports.
– Access and Inclusivity: Ensuring equal access to resources, coaching, and support for women in surfing.
Upcoming Talent and the Future
– Rising Stars: The emergence of young talents like Molly Picklum and Caitlin Simmers, with promising futures.
– Inspiration for the Next Generation: Inspiring a new generation of female surfers to pursue their passion for the sport.
– Athlete Activism: Continued advocacy by female surfers for gender equality and positive change in the industry.
– Further Evolution: The potential for women’s surfing to continue evolving and setting new benchmarks.

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In the world of women’s surfing, the tides of change have brought about a sea of transformation. From its humble beginnings to the global stage, women’s surfing has evolved into a dynamic and empowering sport. We’ve witnessed pioneers who broke through gender barriers and iconic surfers who continue to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible on a wave.


Who are some of the legendary female surfers in history?

Some legendary female surfers in history include Stephanie Gilmore, Lisa Andersen, Layne Beachley, and Rell Sunn, to name a few.

What is the World Surf League (WSL)?

The World Surf League is the premier global platform for professional surfing, featuring various competitions and events, including the Championship Tour (CT).

What are some of the notable competitions in women's surfing?

Some notable competitions include the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, Billabong Pipe Masters, and Vans US Open of Surfing.

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