Sozhi Urutturadhu,Indian Traditional Game

Sozhi Urutturadhu (சோழி உருட்டுறது) Sozhi Urutturadhu Traditional Game Of India- Sozhi Urutturadhu is a traditional game play using Sozhi (சோழி) that is cauri shells. Lot of games are play using Sozhi. Sozhi is a replacement for dice in Paramapada. Sozhi has two side’s one is the top which is fully cover while the bottom has … Read more

Langa Katta: Famous Traditional Game

Langa katta (லங்கா கட்டை) Traditional Game Langa Katta– Langa Katta is one of the famous and simple traditional game played in villages by adults betting money. A dealer hosts this game. The money lost by the players while playing go to him, and he is responsible for giving the winners their price money. Kids also … Read more

Paramapadham(Thayam),Indian Traditional Game

Paramapadham (பரமபதம்) [Thayam (தாயம்)] Paramapadham (Thayam) is Snakes and Ladders in English; it was creat in ancient India before 1892. It is also known as Parama Pada Sopanam means Steps to the Highest Place (where Parama Pada means highest place and Sopanam means steps). Paramapadham was inspir by religion; and was believ to be symbolic … Read more

Aadu puli attam: Indian Traditional Game

Aadu puli attam (ஆடு புலி ஆட்டம் ) Indian Traditional Game Aadu puli attam- Aadu Puli aatam (goat and tiger game) is a strategic, two-player (or 2 teams) board game originated in Tamil Nadu and is also played in Karnataka(Huli gatta) and Andhra Pradesh(Puli Joodam or Puli – Meka). The game is asymmetric in that one … Read more