Mudhugu Puncture,Old Indian Game

Mudhugu Puncture (முதுகு பஞ்சர்) Mudhugu puncture is also a traditional game similar to Seven Stones but the only difference is this game is play without the stones. This game is more aggressive than seven stones as there is no time to hit the stone and other stuff. The Players playing this games needs to be … Read more

आइये जाने आईपीएल के सबसे बड़े विवाद , Top 10 IPL controversies

IPL controversies: Welcome to the exciting world of cricket, where the glitz and glamour of the Indian Premier League (IPL) have always been accompanied by controversies. While the IPL has undoubtedly transformed the game with its fast-paced, high-intensity matches, it has also been marred by several scandals and controversies over the years. From match-fixing allegations … Read more

Bambaram :Indian Traditional Game

Bambaram (பம்பரம்) Bambaram is yet another traditional game played in TamilNadu and Karnataka also known as Lattu in Urdu. Spinning Tops are used for fun experience in this game. The skill and interest in this game is reducing due to other interests taking priority and also due to unsafe nails along with bullying of younger, … Read more