Langa Katta, Famous Traditional Game

Langa katta (லங்கா கட்டை)

Traditional Game Langa Katta

Langa Katta is one of the famous and simple traditional game played in villages by adults betting money. A dealer hosts this game. The money lost by the players while playing go to him, and he is responsible for giving the winners their price money. Kids also play this game without betting


Specialized Board and Dice with a container to roll the dice.


The board is a specially made square board divided into 4 as shown in the figure, and then any Pictures or playing card symbols are drawn on the board.

Langa katta Indian Traditional Game


Three Dices specially made with the faces having the pictures or symbols as in board. The dealers make tricks in designing the Dice.


  • The betters need to bet money on the pictures/symbols in the board.
  • The dealer will have three dices with the same pictures / symbols on the face of the dice
  • The dealer will roll the dice.
  • The picture that faces up after rolling the dice is the winner.
  • Since three dices are there is a probability of all the dices showing same picture or showing two similar pictures or three different pictures.
  • The Players who betted money on the picture that did not turn up will go to the dealer and they are the losers
  • If a picture comes in 1 dice then the player gets 50% extra of the money he betted on that picture
  • If a picture comes in 2 dice then the player gets 75% extra of the money he betted on that picture
  • If a picture comes all the 3 dice then the player gets 100% extra of the money he betted on that picture

The Adult Game

  • The dealer will sit under a tree and make noise by putting the dice in the tin container and will invite the players to play the game.
  • The dealer will first throw the dice and will make the player win for 2 to 3 round and tempt him to bet more money.
  • Once the player gets confidence in winning then the dealer will start playing trick on rolling the game and make the player lose all his money to him.

The Kids Game

All the kids playing the game gets a chance to roll the dice. The kids play by betting Tamarind seeds or by just noting down the points they betted. The kid with more tamarind seeds or with maximum pot is the winner of the game.

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