Top 10 Badminton Events In The World In 2024, Best Badminton Tournaments

Top 10 Badminton Events in the World In 2024- In 2024, the world of badminton witnessed an exhilarating lineup of top-tier events that showcased the sport’s exceptional talent and fierce competition. These tournaments brought together the finest athletes from around the globe, captivating fans with their exceptional skills, speed, and agility on the court. These top 10 badminton events in the world set the stage for thrilling battles and unforgettable moments, reaffirming badminton’s status as one of the most exciting racquet sports.

Top 10 Badminton Events In The World In 2024

Badminton enthusiasts enjoyed a thrilling lineup of top tournaments worldwide. These top 10 events featured intense competitions and showcased the sport’s global appeal. The prestigious All England Open Badminton Championships in the UK drew the best players, while the BWF World Championships marked individual excellence. National pride shone in the team-based Thomas Cup and Uber Cup. The BWF World Tour Finals showcased the season’s finest. From Japan’s Yonex All Japan Badminton Championships to Malaysia’s open, these tournaments left a lasting impression, highlighting badminton’s worldwide popularity and the remarkable skills of its players.

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Best Badminton Tournaments in 2024 Overview

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Badminton Tournament Schedule in 2024

Dates Tournament Category Venue
January 10-15 Malaysia Open BWF Super 1000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 17-22 India Open BWF Super 750 New Delhi, India
January 24-29 Indonesia Masters BWF Super 500 Jakarta, Indonesia
January 31 – February 5 Thailand Masters BWF Super 300 Bangkok, Thailand
February 14-19 Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships Continental team Dubai
March 7-12 German Open BWF Super 300 Mulheim, Germany
March 14-19 All England Open BWF Super 1000 Birmingham, UK
March 14-19 China Super 100 BWF Super 100 TBD
March 21-26 Swiss Open BWF Super 300 Basel, Switzerland
March 28 – April 2 Madrid Spain Masters BWF Super 300 Madrid, Spain
April 4-9 Orleans Masters BWF Super 300 Orleans, France
April 25-30 Badminton Asia Championships Continental individual Dubai
May 14-21 Sudirman Cup Grade 1 team tournaments Suzhou, China
May 23-28 Malaysia Masters BWF Super 500 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 30 – June 4 Thailand Open BWF Super 500 Bangkok, Thailand
June 6-11 Singapore Open BWF Super 750 Singapore
June 13-18 Indonesia Open BWF Super 1000 Jakarta, Indonesia
June 20-25 Taipei Open BWF Super 300 Taipei, Taiwan
July 4-9 Canada Open BWF Super 500 Calgary, Canada
July 11-16 US Open BWF Super 300 Texas, USA
July 18-23 Korea Open BWF Super 500 Seoul, South Korea
July 25-30 Japan Open BWF Super 750 Tokyo, Japan
August 1-6 Australia Open BWF Super 500 Sydney, Australia
August 8-13 New Zealand Open BWF Super 300 Auckland, New Zealand
August 21 – 27 BWF World Championships Grade 1 individual tournament Copenhagen, Denmark
September 5-10 China Open BWF Super 1000 Changzhou, China
September 5-10 Indonesia Super 100 I BWF Super 100 TBD
September 12-17 Hong Kong Open BWF Super 500 Hong Kong
September 12-17 Vietnam Open BWF Super 100 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
September 23 – October 8 Asian Games Other Hangzhou, China
September 26 – October 1 Kaohsiung Open Super 100 BWF Tour Super 100 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
October 10-15 Arctic Open BWF Super 500 Vantaa, Finland
October 17-22 Denmark Open BWF Super 750 Odense, Denmark
October 17-22 Abu Dhabi Masters BWF Super 100 Abu Dhabi, UAE
October 24-29 French Open BWF Super 750 Paris, France
October 24-29 Indonesia Super 100 II BWF Super 100 TBD
October 31 – November 5 Hylo Open BWF Super 300 Saarbrucken, Germany
October 31 – November 5 Malaysia Super 100 BWF Super 100 TBD
November 7-12 Korea Masters BWF Super 300 Gwangju, South Korea
November 14-19 Japan Masters BWF Super 500 Kumamoto, Japan
November 21-26 China Masters BWF Super 750 Shenzhen, China
November 28 – December 3 Syed Modi India International BWF Super 300 Lucknow, India
December 5 – 10 India Super 100 I BWF Super 100 TBD
December 12 – 17 India Super 100 II BWF Super 100 TBD
December 13 – 17 BWF World Tour Finals BWF World Tour Finals TBD

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Top 10 Badminton Tournaments In The World 2024

1. All England Open Badminton Championships

Taking place in Birmingham, UK, the All England Open Badminton Championships is the sport’s oldest and most prestigious tournament. The historic event unfolds in the stunning Birmingham Arena, attracting top singles and doubles players from across the world. It’s a showcase of exquisite skills, intense rivalries, and unforgettable moments on the court. Badminton enthusiasts eagerly anticipate this annual spectacle, where champions are crowned and legends are born.

2. BWF World Championships

The BWF World Championships is the ultimate stage for individual badminton excellence. Held in various cities globally, it features an array of exhilarating singles and doubles matches. Athletes from diverse backgrounds compete fiercely for the coveted title, demonstrating exceptional athleticism and tactical brilliance. This championship represents the pinnacle of the sport, where every rally, smash, and drop shot carries the weight of a world championship dream.

3. Thomas Cup and Uber Cup

The Thomas Cup (men) and Uber Cup (women) are esteemed team competitions that celebrate national pride and camaraderie. Held alternately in different locations, these events bring together countries’ best players to battle for supremacy. The intense team dynamics, passionate fan support, and captivating rivalries make these tournaments a captivating spectacle, showcasing the heart and soul of badminton as nations unite to compete for the prestigious cups.

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4. BWF World Tour Finals

The BWF World Tour Finals is a culmination of the season’s best performances. Top-seeded players in various categories gather at a rotating host city to determine the year’s champions. The tournament offers a thrilling conclusion to the tour, featuring nail-biting matches and showcasing the extraordinary skills and determination of the world’s finest badminton stars.

5. Yonex All Japan Badminton Championships

This event holds a special place in Japan’s badminton calendar. It unfolds in different Japanese cities and brings together the nation’s top talents alongside international competitors. The All Japan Badminton Championships not only offers high-level competition but also serves as a platform for Japan’s emerging talents to shine on the global stage, celebrating the sport’s growth and significance in the country.

6. Indonesia Open

Jakarta’s Indonesia Open is renowned for its electrifying atmosphere and top-level competition. Hosted at the Istora Senayan, this tournament consistently draws the biggest names in badminton. Fans flock to witness epic battles, as Indonesian and international players vie for supremacy. The Indonesia Open’s rich history and passionate fan base contribute to its status as a must-attend event on the badminton circuit.

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7. Malaysia Open

The Malaysia Open, part of the BWF World Tour, takes place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The Axiata Arena becomes the battleground for top players who vie for glory in front of enthusiastic fans. The tournament’s tradition of delivering intense matches and showcasing the sport’s elite talent makes it a prominent fixture on the badminton calendar, drawing global attention to Malaysia’s love for the sport.

8. Korea Open

The Korea Open is a pivotal stop on the badminton tour, offering a glimpse into South Korea’s rich badminton heritage. Held in various Korean cities, this event features top Korean players and international competitors. It’s a showcase of skill, speed, and strategy, as athletes from around the world come together to compete in the birthplace of some of badminton’s greatest legends.

9. China Open

The China Open is a badminton extravaganza held in China’s major cities. Known for its passionate fans and high-octane matches, this tournament is a vital part of the BWF World Tour. It celebrates China’s rich badminton history and tradition of producing world-class players. The event’s electrifying atmosphere and top-tier competition make it a favorite among players and fans alike.

10. Singapore Open

The Singapore Open, hosted in the Lion City, is known for its competitive intensity and vibrant ambiance. It attracts top international players who compete at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This event offers a unique blend of athleticism and entertainment, making it a must-watch on the badminton calendar. The Singapore Open’s exciting matches and enthusiastic crowd contribute to its reputation as a premier badminton tournament.

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In 2024, badminton fans can anticipate a thrilling lineup of tournaments showcasing top-level talent and intense competition. These events, including BWF Super 1000 contests, continental championships, and team tournaments, offer a platform for elite athletes to shine while fostering global camaraderie and the sport’s growth. Each tournament adds to the sport’s rich tapestry, making 2024 an unforgettable year for badminton enthusiasts worldwide.


What are the BWF Super 1000 tournaments in 2024?

In 2024, the BWF Super 1000 tournaments include the All England Open in Birmingham, the Indonesia Open in Jakarta, and the China Open in Changzhou. These tournaments are among the most prestigious in the badminton world, featuring top players from around the globe.

Are there any team tournaments in 2024?

Yes, the Sudirman Cup, scheduled for May 14-21 in Suzhou, is a Grade 1 team tournament. It brings together national teams to compete in various categories, adding an exciting team dynamic to the badminton calendar.

Where will the BWF World Championships take place in 2024?

The BWF World Championships will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from August 21 to 27. This tournament is a Grade 1 individual competition and one of the most prestigious events in the sport.

What are the BWF Super 500 tournaments in 2024?

In 2024, the BWF Super 500 tournaments include the Malaysia Masters in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia Open in Kuala Lumpur, and the Swiss Open in Basel. These tournaments offer significant ranking points and attract top players.

When and where will the BWF World Tour Finals be held in 2024?

The BWF World Tour Finals will take place from December 13 to 17, but the location is yet to be announced. This event gathers the top performers from the BWF World Tour throughout the year to compete for the prestigious title.

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