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Outdoor Games

Tree Climbing Monkey

Tree Climbing Monkey

Marameri kurangu in Tamil means Tree Climbing Monkey. This game is an interesting and funny game played in urban areas where lot of trees are available. Big trees are not suitable to play this game; small trees with more branches are best suited.
By playing this game the players learns the climbing skill and by running, his physique is improved.


  • Six or more player

  • A Small Stick

  • Small Trees with branches

How to Play

  • Suitable trees where one can climb up and down easily is located.

  • A circle with diameter of 4 feet is drawn near the tree.

  • All the player stand in a line and throw a stick by taking it in their hand to their back and throw it under their leg by raising their leg, The player who throws the stick very near to the place where they stand is the loser and he is the ‘out’ person he needs to catch others.

  • A fast climbing person is selected as the leader of the team.

  • All the players climb the tree and hide, except the leader and the ‘out’ person who is going to catch other players stands near the circle.

  • The leader throws a stick in a distance from the place they stand, he takes it behind him, raise one leg and throw the stick below his leg.  Once he throws the stick, the ‘out’ person runs to take the stick, once he picks the stick he need to put it inside the circle. In the mean time the leader has to run to the tree and climb it.

  • Once the ‘out’ persons puts the stick in the circle he needs to climb the tree an need to touch anyone player and make him ’out’

  • Once the out person starts climbing the tree others can Jump from the tree to the ground or can jump from one tree to the other like a monkey.

  • Once they come to ground from the tree, they need to touch the stick in the circle; if they do it they are in Home and is safe, the ‘out’ person cannot make that person ‘out’.

  • The Main aim of the ‘out’ person is to touch anyone before the players touch the stick in the circle. If the ‘out’ person touches anyone then he will be ‘out’ and the game starts again from the beginning.