Statue is a wonderful game also played as Freeze or Attack. This game greatly improves the acting skills of miming and coming up with ideas on a dime. Freeze is one of the easier game played in schools, parties, buses, wherever a group of children get together.

  • Get a group of at least four people together and decide on two people to start the game. This game can be played with as many people as you want.

  • Someone from the group picks a situation for the two people to start out with. The two then start acting out the situation or it may be any actions among the group

  • At any time a member from the group can yell Freeze! Both of the actors or all the kids in the group then freeze in whatever position they are in till the person say ease.

  • The person that called out has to start the next situation. The situation started has to be completely different from the one before.

  • Continue this way for as long as you please. There is really no winner to this game.