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Sozhi Urutturadhu

Sozhi Urutturadhu

Sozhi Urutturadhu is a traditional game played using Sozhi (சோழி) that is
kauri shells. Lot of games are played using Sozhi. Sozhi is a replacement for
dice in Paramapada. Sozhi has two side’s one is the top which is fully covered
while the bottom has a opening in it. When the shells are rolled and thrown
on ground, some will have the fully covered part on the top and some with the
opening part on the top. The number of shells with the fully coved covered
part on top is counted or vice –versa. The count is considered as we do it in


Sozhi is also used to play othaya retiya (Odd or Even). Around 5 to 6 shells
are rolled by asking the players whether they want an odd number or even
number before throwing the shells on ground.  Once the players choose their
option, the rolled shells are thrown on the ground and counted for open and close shells on top. If the open shells are odd in number, then the players who opted for odd will get a point and the players who opted for even will lose. They play this game and note the point in a paper and will continue to play until they are tired, the player with maximum mark at the end is the winner.


Some people used to judge future using sozhi. Sozhi plays a vital role in the life of people in TamilNadu Villages.

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