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Raja Rani

raja rani

Raja - Rani in Tamil Nadu is Ramudu – Seetha in other states of South India. It is a wonderful traditional game played by rural children. By playing this game children’s guessing power, face reading skill gets enhanced and they sustain the feeling of unity and oneness among the players.  Since the epic characters are chosen to play the game children gains knowledge over epic characters

Things Required:

  • Bits of paper of equal size

  • Pen

  • Three or more players

 How to Play:

  • First the Epic for selecting the characters is selected in our case for example we’ll select Ramayana.

  • Paper bits of equal size are used.

  • On each paper bit a Ramayana character name is written. The characters may be Rama, Seetha, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Bharata, Shatrugna, Ravana and so on depending on number of players.

  • All the papers are folded in such a way that the text is inside  and the fold look similar

  • Children sit together forming a circle and a player takes initiative and distributes the slips to the others including him at random.

  • The text written in the paper should be a secret and other players should not know what others got.

  • Then the player who has RAMA has to raise his hand and he is asked to find the player who has SEETHA. It is not required that the person has to find SEETHA, the group can select a character name and can ask to find the character.

  • If the guess is right, he gets a point, if not he will lose a point. The game goes in 5 to 10 rounds. The winner is the player who gets maximum points.