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Pulli Pulli

Dots is a fun game to play in the car (if you're a passenger), in study hall or on a rainy afternoon. You need nothing more than a playing partner, a sheet of paper and a pen, and you'll have fun for hours.


Things you need:

  • Two or more players

  • Paper

  • Pen or pencil

How to Play "Dots"

  • First make a Dots board in a blank piece paper by drawing evenly spaced dots in a
    grid pattern. The board can be large or as small as you like or based upon the time
    you have to play, but make sure there are same numbers of dots across as there
    are up and down.

  • The first player draws a single line between two adjacent dots anywhere in the dot
    board. The line should be vertical or horizontal and can only connect two dots
    together. The next player does the same.

  • The object of the game is to create complete box shapes, comprised of four lines
    connected between four dots. When a player completes a square, he marks his initials neatly inside the square. Once a player has completed a box and initialed it, he gets a second turn.

  • Continue drawing lines until there are no more moves left. Count the number of boxes each player has initialed.

  • The winner is the player who has the most number of boxes at the end of the game.

Tips & Warnings
The larger you make the Dots board, the longer the game will last, so customize the size of your playing board to the amount of time you have to play.

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