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Poo Parikka Varugirom

Poo Parikka Varugirom

Poo parikka varugirom is an interesting traditional game played in villages by singing a song which is in question and answer form. This game develops Physique, singing, knowing flowers, counting, questioning and answering skill.

How to Play

  • For the game to be interesting more the 5 to 10 players are required. The play area will be an open ground, street or a hall, the size of the play area depends upon the number of players playing.

  • Two groups of equal players are formed and a line is drawn in the centre and the players stand at a distance of 5 feet from the line

  • All the players hold their hands like a chain and sing the below song and go to the centre line touch it and come back to their place

                Team 1: Poo Parikka Varugirom, Poo Parikka Varugirom, inn nallilae
                Team 2: Yaarai anuppa poogireer, Yaarai anuppa poogireer, inn nallilae
                Team 1: Rani (Name of a player) Anuppa Poogirom, Rani Anuppa Poogirom, inn nallilae
                Team 2: Yentha Poo Vendum, Yentha Poo Vendum, inn nallilae
                Team 1: Mallipoo Vendum (Name of a flower),  Mallipoo Vendum, inn nallilae


  • Once the Team 1 replies with the flower name, each person from one team will come to the centre line and pull each other, the player who crosses the line while pulling will go to the opposite team.

  • The game continues with different player name and flower name till everyone gets tired, the team with maximum number of players at the end of the game is the winner of the game.