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Pappu kanji

Pappu kanji

Pappu kanji is a famous traditional game played by parents with their kids under 3 yrs. By playing this game the children learns the importance of sharing, identify various food items cooked at home, and helps in identifying the relationship among people in the family and builds patience in them.


How to play 

  • The parent or an elder taking care of the kid stretches the kid’s fingers, describes the food items one by one, and assign it to each finger virtually.

  • Once all the fingers are assigned with one food item, the person take the kids palm and pretend it as a plate and take the assigned food items from the fingers and mix them all in the palm. Then he should pretend as if he takes some food from the kids hand and feed him, then person should distribute it to others in the family by mentioning their names and the  relationship (like father, mother, sister, etc.) with the kid. All the actions are done virtually.

  • Once the food is distributed to others the parent pretends that he/she washes the vessel (i.e.) the kids palm and move his finger starting from the fingers of the kid to the shoulders singing “nandu oruthu nari oruthu” repeatedly and tickle the kid when he/she reach the shoulder, this amuse the kid and the kid starts laughing.