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Pacha Kudhura

Pacha Kudhura

Pacha Kudhura is a traditional game similar to Hurdles Race. It is an ancient game played by kings and their men to develop war skills. The translation for Pacha Kudhura is Green Horse in English. In this game one player will bend in front like a horse and the other will jump over him, since one player bends like an horse, the game was named Pacha Kudhura. This game helps the players to jump over high walls and other obstacles they face.

Things required:

  • Two or More players

  • Play ground or Play area

How to Play:

This game is played in two ways

First Method

This is a very simple game to play, in this
method all the players who are interested
in playing this game gather in the ground
and stand in a straight line leaving 3 to 4 feet
gap between each other and bend, the position after they bend will look like a horse. The person standing at the end of the line should run and keep his hand on the back of the person bending in front of him and jump over him, he should jump over all the players bending as we do in hurdles. Once he reaches the last player, he bends and the other person last in the line will start jumping over others and bends once he reaches the end. This continues until all players’ jumps over others.


Second Method

In this method a player first sleeps in the ground and raise his leg to certain height and other players jump over him, in the second round, he raises the height by raising his leg bit high and others jump over it. In the following successive rounds, the player will raise the height little by little by sitting, bending, standing, etc and at one point when a player fails to jump the height he sleeps in the ground and give position for others to jump.

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