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Manjal Thanner

Manjal Thanner

Manjal Thanneris yet another interesting traditional game played by bride and groom in marriages. This game is played in traditional marriages just to have fun and to get an understanding between the Bride and Groom.

How to Play:

This game is played only after the marriage that is after tying the Knot. The bride and groom are asked to go to an open place and stand in opposite direction in a space of 5 to 10 feet. Then a bucket of water with turmeric powder (Manjal) mixed in it is give to the each other, then with a relative accompanying with each other, each take a cup of turmeric water from the bucket and pours it on the others head (i.e. The Bride to Groom and Groom to Bride). They do this for three times. They usually play this game with turmeric water in order to kill unwanted bacteria and germs (which they may have got during the marriage ceremony) in their body as turmeric has medicinal value.

All the relatives gather around the Bride and groom and make fun of them by commenting and in other ways.