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Outdoor Games

Kichi Kichi Thambalam

Kichi Kichi Thambalam

This is an interesting traditional game played in
villages, which has riverbanks. As this game needs
sand for playing it was played in riverbanks. This game
increases skills like face reading, direction finding and
hiding things without others knowledge even if the

opponent is in front.

Things Required:

  • Two Players

  • Sand filled ground

  • Stick/shell/ Cotton Lamp wick

How to Play:

A sand stage of size 1 to 1.5 feet length and width with height of 4 to 5 inches is made and the players decide who is going to hide the stick and who is going to find it. Then the player who is going to hide takes the stick and holds it in two fingers (thumb and index finger) and insert it in the sand stage from one side of it and collects it on the other side using the other hand in such a way that the stick is inside the sand and is not visible. The player has to move the stick inside the sand, confuse the opponent, and position it in a place. The person will sing the following song while he/she hides the stick

"கிச்சுக் கிச்சுத் தம்பலம்
கீயாக் கீயாத் தம்பலம்
மச்சு மச்சுத் தம்பலம்
மாயா மாயாத் தம்பலம்"


He/she does this in such a way that the opponent gets confused and tries to find it. The opponent gets only one chance to find the stick, he/she needs to observe the movement of the hand and face of the player who hides the stick and should conclude were the stick would be and point it to the player who hid the stick.  If he/she fails then the player who hid the stick get one point and he/she will get a chance to hide the stick for the second time, if the player finds the stick then he/she gets the chance to hide the stick in the second round.

The game will continue until any one player wins 10 games. Once a player win 10 games the opponent should take a handful of sand and put a stick inside the sand and the winner will close the loser’s  eyes with his/her hands and take him to some place and ask the loser to put the sand in ground and bring him back to the starting place by eyes closed.  Then the loser should search the place where he/she put the sand in ground, if he/she fails then he/she needs to do what the winner says.