ICC World Test Championship Final 2023 Tickets, Price, How to Book WTC Tickets Online?

ICC World Test Championship 2023 :- Australia will play in their first ICC World Test Championship Final after a convincing 9-wicket victory in the third Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Tickets for the final are now available for general sale. Australia, who are currently the top-ranked team, have not lost a series in the ICC World Test Championship 2021-23. They will face either India or Sri Lanka in the final, which will take place at the Oval in London from 7th to 11th June.

ICC World Test Championship Final Match 2023 Tickets

In June, England will host the ICC World Test Championship Final, where India and Australia, two cricketing giants, will compete in a decisive Test match. Tickets for the match are still available for purchase, but with less than a month remaining, it’s recommended to get them quickly.

The World Test Championship is a relatively new tournament, with only the second final taking place. The International Cricket Council (ICC) conceived the idea in 2009 to establish a premier international competition encompassing all three main forms of cricket: Test matches, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals. However, it wasn’t implemented until 2019 due to some cancellations, and the first tournament concluded in the summer of 2021.

The championship involves nine international teams, each playing six series over a two-year period. A series comprises two to five Test matches, each lasting five days. After 27 series in the league stage, the two teams with the highest points qualify for the final. It may sound complex, but that’s cricket for you!

In the previous edition, New Zealand emerged as the champions after a final against India at the Rose Bowl in Southampton. This year, the responsibility falls on England to host the final once again, with Australia and India heading to the Kia Oval in London.


ICC World Test Championship 2023 Overview

Topic Information
Tournament Name ICC World Test Championship
Purpose Establish a top international competition for Test matches, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals
First Edition Started in 2019
Final Edition Upcoming in June
Host Country England
Final Venue Kia Oval, London
Participating Teams Nine international teams
Series Played Each team plays six series over a two-year period
Format Test matches (two to five matches per series, each lasting five days)
League Stage 27 series played in the league stage
Final Qualification The two teams with the most points after the league stage qualify for the final
Previous Champion New Zealand (2021 edition)
Previous Final Venue Rose Bowl, Southampton
Upcoming Final Teams India and Australia
Ticket Sales Tickets are currently on sale
Ticket Availability Click Here
Category Cricket

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ICC World Test Championship 2023 Tickets Booking Process

Cricket is a widely popular sport in Asia and around the world, and many fans want to cheer for their team by attending matches in person. If you’re wondering where to buy tickets for the  ICC World Test Championship, you can find  ICC World Test Championship 2023 tickets available at worldtestchampionship.com. To book your tickets, follow the provided details.

How To Book ICC World Test Championship Tickets Online?

We advise you to book your  ICC World Test Championship tickets online to avoid any inconsistencies. The demand for tickets is high, and there is limited availability, so there’s a chance you might miss the opportunity to watch  ICC World Test Championship 2023 live. To purchase tickets online, follow these simple steps. We also recommend buying tickets from the official website of the worldtestchampionship.com..

  • The IND vs AUS WTC final tickets can be booked on the official website of WTC. Following are the steps to book the ICC WTC Final Tickets.
  • Visit the website, worldtestchampionship.com.
  • Follow the direct link for downloading the WTC Final 2023 Tickets.
  • Click on any of the dates from 7 to 11 June 2023.
  • You will be asked to select an area and book your seat.
  • Once you book your seat, you will be asked for the payment.
  • Make the payment and your booking is done.
  • You can now download the WTC Final tickets.

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How Much Do Hospitality Tickets Cost and What’s Included?

Hospitality tickets for this event are expensive, starting at £299 per person. However, they offer exceptional value with top-notch food, drink, and occasionally visits from celebrities. Moreover, you will always have a fantastic view of the action. A hospitality ticket at the Kia Oval ensures a range of exciting experiences.l.

Certainly! Here’s a price table for the hospitality tickets and what’s included:

Hospitality Package Price per Person Inclusions
The Ashes Suite £299 – Dining menu featuring breakfast options, three-course lunch, and afternoon tea<br>- Sparkling wine reception<br>- Complimentary drinks<br>- Premium seating<br>- Interaction with cricketing celebrities
Corinthian Roof Terrace £349 – Panoramic views of the London skyline<br>- Breakfast, lunch buffet, and pass-around food<br>- Complimentary drinks
JM Finn Stand Executive Boxes Custom Quote – Luxurious private suite with balcony seating<br>- Dedicated host<br>- Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea
Bedser Boxes Custom Quote – Private outdoor seating and balconies<br>- Suitable for groups of 16, 20, or 24 people
Duchy Suite Custom Quote – State-of-the-art theater facility with high ceilings and large windows<br>- Two private terraces<br>- Full English breakfast, three-course lunch, and afternoon tea<br>- Beer, Pimm’s, or Champagne
Pakistan Terrace Custom Quote – Communal experience<br>- Breakfast with pastries and coffee<br>- Locally sourced lunch<br>- Afternoon tea hamper<br>- Closest seats to the action<br>- Access to a private bar

The Ashes Suite

The Ashes Suite provides a classic hospitality experience with a dining menu featuring breakfast options, a three-course lunch, and afternoon tea. Additionally, you will be greeted with a sparkling wine reception and enjoy complimentary drinks throughout. The suite offers premium seating behind the bowler’s arm, and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with cricketing celebrities.

Corinthian Roof Terrace

The roof terrace provides panoramic views of the London skyline and offers a relaxed experience. Guests can enjoy breakfast, a lunch buffet, and pass-around food throughout the day. It immerses you in the lively atmosphere, which is enhanced by complimentary drinks.

JM Finn Stand Executive Boxes

These executive boxes offer a luxurious experience, allowing you to watch the Test match in the privacy and comfort of your own suite. Each box provides balcony seating right outside, offering an excellent view of the pitch. Once you are seated, a dedicated host will serve you breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea.

Bedser Boxes

The Bedser Box offers private outdoor seating and balconies for watching the match. It allows you to book for groups of 16, 20, or 24 people, making it ideal for parties or stag dos.

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Duchy Suite

The Oval has introduced the Duchy Suite, a state-of-the-art theater facility with high ceilings and large windows. Guests can enjoy two private terraces and an elevated view of the pitch. In terms of food, the suite offers a full English breakfast, a three-course lunch, and afternoon tea. Throughout the day, guests can also indulge in beer, Pimm’s, or Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Pakistan Terrace

The Pakistan Terrace offers a communal experience where you can enjoy breakfast with pastries and coffee, a lunch made with locally sourced ingredients, and an afternoon tea hamper that you can enjoy anywhere you like. In addition, you’ll have seats closest to the action and access to a private bar.

When and where is the ICC World Test Championship Final?

The historic Kia Oval will host this year’s final. It has been the home of Surrey County Cricket Club since 1845 and witnessed the first international cricket match in 1880. Additionally, it hosted the inaugural FA Cup final in 1872. The ground is located in the London borough of Lambeth and is conveniently close to Oval tube station on the Northern Line. Alternatively, you can reach Vauxhall station via the Victoria Line or Southwestern Rail and take a short walk from there.

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Cricket World test Championship 2023 Tickets Refund Policy

Here are some general considerations and practices that are often followed when it comes to ticket refund policies for major cricket tournaments like the World Test Championship:

  1. Refund Eligibility: Ticket refund policies typically apply to situations such as match cancellations, rescheduling, venue changes, or other unforeseen circumstances that prevent the match from taking place as scheduled. Refunds are usually provided to ticket holders who are unable to attend the rescheduled match or relocated venue.
  2. Communication Channels: When changes occur, the organizing body, such as the ICC or the respective cricket board, typically communicates the updates through official channels, including their websites, social media platforms, and press releases. This ensures that fans and ticket holders are aware of any changes and are provided with instructions on how to proceed.
  3. Refund Process: The refund process usually involves submitting a refund request through a designated platform or contacting the authorized ticketing agent or box office. The specific steps and procedures may vary depending on the ticketing provider and the event organizer. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by the organizers to initiate the refund process correctly.
  4. Timelines and Deadlines: Refund policies often include specific timelines and deadlines within which ticket holders must submit their refund requests. These deadlines are typically designed to allow organizers to process the requests efficiently. Missing the deadline may result in the forfeiture of the refund.
  5. Partial Refunds and Administration Fees: In some cases, organizers may offer partial refunds instead of full refunds, deducting a certain amount as an administration fee. The percentage of the refund and any associated charges are determined by the ticketing policies set by the organizing body.
  6. Ticket Resale and Transfers: In situations where the match is rescheduled or relocated, organizers may provide the option for ticket holders to transfer their tickets to the new date or venue. Alternatively, they may allow ticket holders to resell their tickets through authorized platforms or exchange them for other matches within the tournament.

It’s important to note that the specific refund policy for the World Test Championship or any cricket tournament can change over time.

How long does Test Cricket last?

Test matches typically span up to five days and consist of four innings, with each team having two innings.

During each day of a Test match, play lasts for approximately seven and a half hours, including breaks for lunch and a tea break. Yes, a tea break is scheduled in.

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ICC World Test Championship Final is set to take place in June, with England hosting the match between cricketing giants India and Australia at the Kia Oval in London. This championship is a culmination of a two-year tournament featuring nine international teams competing in a series of Test matches. The top two teams from the league stage will battle it out in the final to determine the ultimate champion. Tickets for the match are still available for purchase, but time is running out. Test matches typically last for up to five days, with four innings in total. Each day consists of around seven and a half hours of play, including breaks for lunch and a tea break. The ICC World Test Championship provides an exciting platform for cricket enthusiasts to witness high-quality Test cricket and celebrate the pinnacle of the format.


When and where is the ICC World Test Championship Final taking place?

The ICC World Test Championship Final is scheduled to take place in June at the Kia Oval in London, England.

: Which teams will be competing in the final?

The final will feature cricketing giants India and Australia.

How can I purchase tickets for the ICC World Test Championship Final?

Tickets for the match are available for purchase. You can check the official ticketing platforms or websites to buy them.

How long do Test matches typically last?

Test matches are usually scheduled to last up to five days.

How many innings are played in a Test match?

A Test match consists of four innings, with each team having two innings.

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