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Outdoor Games

Anila Naaya

Anila Naaya

Anila Naaya is similar to that of Maramerik kurangu (Tree Climbing Monkey). This game
is also an interesting and funny game played in urban areas where lot of trees is available.
Big trees are not suitable to play this game; small trees with more branches are best
suited. By playing this game the players learn climbing, enhance their hearing capacity,
differentiate between animals that climb tree and the animals that do not climb tree, and
by running here and there their physique gets improved.



  • Six or more player

  • Small Trees with branches

How to Play

  • Suitable trees where one can climb up and down easily are located.

  • An ‘out’ person is selected by playing any choosy game

  • The ‘out’ person stands in a distance from the tree away from others at the begining.

  • The ‘out’ person has to say Anil (Squirrel) or Naai(Dog). If he says Anil all has to climb the tree and if he says Naai all has to come down from the tree.

  • The ‘out’ person says Anil and Naai slowly in the beginning and slightly increases the speed between Anil and Naai, so that the players move up and down from the tree quickly.

  • All the players have to do as the ‘out’ person says, If anyone fails to do it or do it wrongly then he becomes ‘out’.

  • The ‘out’ person can also run behind the players to touch them and make ‘out’ when they are in the ground away from the tree or run from one tree to another. The players escape from the ‘out’ person and jump and run here and there  and try not to become ‘out’

  • The Main aim of the ‘out’ person is to make any other player ‘out’

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