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Guess cricket

Guess cricket

Guess cricket is a game played indoor, especially in schools and colleges during leisure time. It is much simpler to play and requires no specialized equipments or kits. This game enhances children guessing power, face-reading skills and teaches how to take calculated risk.

Things required

  • Two Players [Each player represents a team of cricketers]

  • Two white paper, one for each player to write the score

  • Pen or Pencil


How to Play

  • First write ‘ABCDEFG’ on top of the paper in block letter this will be the scorecard for that player

  • The Scorecard is separated into two sections namely Batting and Bowling

  • Both player should decide on the number of batsmen and number of overs in the match

  • Write down the Batsmen names in the batting section with sufficient space between the two batsman names.

  • In the bowling section, write a blank for each ball to be bowled with each row representing one over. E.g. - if it is a 10 over match then there should be ten rows and each row should have six blank dashes written on it.

  • After writing the above details, both the players / teams are ready to play. Now it is time for toss.

  • Toss a coin and decide who is going to bat first and who is going to bowl first.

  • The player decided to Bat first should take his Scorecard and be ready to note down his score.

  •  The player decided to Bowl first should take his Scorecard and be ready to bowl. He has to write any one letter from ABCDEFG in the first over’s first bowl [represented by a blank in his scorecard]. Say he writes ‘E’ in the first bowl blank.

  • Now the player batting has to guess a letter from ABCDEFG, if the player says ‘A’ then the difference between the letter bowled and the letter batted is his score. In this example it is 4, as A is the first letter and E is the fifth letter, 5 – 1 = 4.

  • In this way the bowling player has to bowl a letter, the batting player has to bat a letter from ABDCDEFG, and the score should be arrived.

  • When the letter bowled and the letter batted is the same then the Batsman is OUT.

  • The game will carry on till either all the batsmen are Out or till all the overs are bowled.

  • Once the innings is over then the total score of the player batting is calculated. That will be the total of that team or player

  • Now the other person will take batting and the first player has to bowl.

  • At the end who ever has scored more runs will Win this Guess Cricket Match J