Nongu Vandi, Indian Old Game

Nongu Vandi (நுங்கு வண்டி) Nongu Vandi is a very tactile game that helps children improve their sense of touch. Most children like the feel of sand slip through their fingers Nongu (Palm Fruit) is a famous tropical fruit available in villages of Tamil Nadu in summer season. Summer season is the season of holidays for … Read more

Cycle Tyre,Famous Children Old Game

Cycle Tyre (சைக்கிள் டயர்) Most of the children in villages have their own vehicle. Yes! They have their own vehicle. All the vehicles run by children in villages have only one tyre. Cycle Tyre is an old Indian game that has been play by generations of children across the country. It is a simple and … Read more

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2024 Schedule, Teams, Venues, and Finale Date

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2024 Schedule: Football enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2024. This prestigious tournament will feature the world’s top women’s national football teams competing for glory and showcasing their talents on the grand stage. The FIFA Women’s World Cup has grown in popularity over the years, drawing immense … Read more

Asian Games 2024 Overall Medals Tally, Full List Of Indian Medal Winners, Live Update and More

Asian Games 2024 Overall Medals Tally-The 19th Asian Games, hosted by the vibrant city of Aichi-Nagoya in Japan, has been nothing short of a sporting extravaganza. Athletes from across the continent have showcased their skills, determination, and sportsmanship in various disciplines. As the competition intensifies, it’s time to take a look at the Asian Games … Read more

Mothitram Thedurathu,Indian Traditional Marriage Game

Mothitram Thedurathu ( மோதிரம் தேடுறது)  Traditional Marriage Game Mothitram Thedurathu- Indian Marrige Game Mothitram Thedurathu yet another interesting traditional game played by bride and groom in marriages. This game is played in traditional marriages just to have fun and to get an understanding between the Bride and Groom.Mothitram Thedurathu, also known as ‘Finding the Ring,’ … Read more

The History and Evolution of Traditional Indian Games

India is a country with a rich cultural heritage, and traditional games have played an important role in the lives of people for centuries. These games not only provided entertainment but also helped in developing physical and mental agility. Over the years, many traditional games have disappeared, but some have survived and continue to be … Read more