Kokku para para (கொக்கு பற பற) How To Play Kokku Para Para ? 90’s Children Game ,Rule&Facts

Kokku para para (கொக்கு பற பற) – Kids between the ages of 5 and 10 still play the well-known game of kokku para para in villages and schools. The game teaches a lot about flying and non-flying objects, among other things. The game teaches kids to be careful and pay close attention. The game makes … Read more

Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai, How To Play Kulai Kulaiyaai Mumdrikkai Game ?Rule & Facts

Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai – The well-known game of kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai is still play in villages and schools. This game teache children how to avoid cheater and perform tasks without being notice by others. Player in this game need to be careful and know how to cheat others without being caught. Kulai kulaiyaai mundirikkai In … Read more

Vidukathai (விடுகதை), How To Play Vidukathai ? Rules

Vidukathai (விடுகதை) – In order to make teaching children easier, vidukathai are frequently stated in metaphorical or allegorical language that calls for creative problem-solving and careful consideration. Children like the mysteries and surprises buried in them. Vidukathai Most of the time, vidukathai are used to teach children who like mysteries and surprises because they are … Read more

Book cricket (புக் கிரிக்கெட்),How To Play Book Cricket? Rules,Facts

Book cricket (புக் கிரிக்கெட்) – Book Cricket is a game played inside. It is well-liked among schoolchildren. This game is played by kids when they have free time in school or when they find lectures boring. When the weather isn’t good enough for playing games outside, kids play this at home. Kids love this game … Read more