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About Us

About Us

It was 2000, an end of a millennium, an end for a century holds an in number of events and happenings. There happened a event for four like the other 6 billion people on Earth. Those individuals linked as friends formed a group called Apus. 'A' for "Ashok Mela [ash]". 'P' for "Pachaiyappan [pac]". 'U' for "Uma Shankar [uma]". 'S' for "Uma Shankar [gus]". But it was not limited number for a group which grows like a constellation in the universe. Yes, APUS a real constellation of stars in the universe.

We wanted to do pass on the things that we did and our kids are not doing, So we started this site just to have info on games that we played in our childhood. We are in a process of collecting details of all the games that we and our near and dear ones played we believe we’ll complete it ASAP.

We also WELCOME information from people who want to help us in this process. Since each games are played in different ways in different places we have provided details with respect to the information we had.

If you have any valuable information about any games that are listed or not listed in our website please feel free to email us @