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Seetu (சீட்டு)

Seetu is a colloquial word for cards. This game will improve children’s concentration and aiming skill as they try to hit the cards by a stone to get them out of the circle. Since it is played using cards in villages the game is named after it. This is also played using hardened Mango Kernels, Bottle Crowns, tamarind seeds, etc.
Usually in villages kids go to Annaachi stores (Beeda Kadai) and pick empty cigar pack covers which is easily and freely available and play with it, the game is to bet cigar covers on your aiming skills. You place the cigar cover in a circle and try to hit it with a stone and try to bring it out of the circle, if you are able to hit it and bring it out of the circle then that cover is yours. Cards that are very hard to get by contains more points and easy to get will have low points. The one with highest point at the end of the day wins.
How to play
  • More than two members are required to play this game.
  • Each should have equal number of cards/crowns and a flat stone which moves over the ground flatly
  • Draw a circle with a minimum diameter of 1 meter on a ground and each person has to keep one or more cards/crowns in the circle.
  • Now select the person who needs to start the game by flipping a coin by other short listing method
  • Now the person selected to play first has to go a few steps from the circle and throw the stone towards the circle in such a way it moves over the ground flatly and hit the cards/crowns in the circle and push it outside the circle.
  • The cards/crowns that come out of the circle belong to the hitter. The cards/crown on the line goes in the circle again.
  • Now the second player plays.
  • The game continues till all the cards/crowns are captured by the players.
  • Each player gets only one hit at a time.
  • Next round is started as the first one. The game continues till someone in the group loses all his cards/crowns.
  • The one with more cards/crowns wins the game.