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Nongu Vandi (நுங்கு வண்டி)

Nongu Vandi is a very tactile game that helps children improve their sense of touch. Most children like the feel of sand slip through their fingers

Nongu (Palm Fruit) is a famous tropical fruit available in villages of Tamil Nadu in summer season. Summer season is the season of holidays for kids in India. Kids in villages play games and also do experiments with available waste items in the village. Nongu Vandi is one of the item made by kids which proves us that we are born Mechanical Engineers.

"Nongu Vandi" is a easy to make toy basically made of long stick with "Nongu" palm shell as tires. Each Kid makes one for each and play various games using it. There are no certain games that kids play, it mainly depends upon their creativity.

Things Required to Make Nongu Vandi
  • Two Palm shells of same size and weight
  • Stick with V shape on one end – Length depends upon the height of the kid

How to Make

  • Take an stick of length half a foot
  • Sharpen the edges the stick
  • Pierce the Palm shells on both the sides of the stick as shown in the picture
  • Now take the long stick and put the V shape end in the middle of the small stick where palm shells are pierced

Now your Nungu Vandi is ready for Playing.